How to choose the right lights for your home?

Lighting plays a great role in how someone perceives your space, setting the mood and vibe of the whole place, more than any decor & design element.

The right lighting not only enhances the look of every room but also helps improve productivity and brings cheerfulness.

But for something so important in the designing of a place, we usually have very little knowledge on how to choose the right home light.

To understand which light is best suitable for your space, you need first to understand the types of lighting and how they are used.

General Lighting

General Lighting, as the name, suggests, to as the main source of illumination in the room. They are erected at a place that ensures that the entire room is well lit. Typical examples would include LED Bulbs, LED tube lights or LED Batten light. You can easily find a variety of General lighting products in the Home Lights section of Jaquar Lighting.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is used to light up a workstation, helping the user to focus on the task at hand. Task Lighting helps create an atmosphere that speaks concentration & professionalism. Lamps are the best example of Task Lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is used to accentuate the look of the decorative pieces and special corners of a room. They draw the attention of the room to that particular object, making it the highlight or centrepiece of the room. Accent Lighting, on one side, can be elegant like fairy lights, scones, LED Strip lights, panel lights, and on another can be LED Spotlights to accentuate beautiful parts of rooms.

How to select lights for different rooms?

1) Entrance area and staircases

Entrance areas and staircases are usually the least decorated area of a home: a basic LED bulb and lamps with an aesthetic appeal would work the best. You can also use the layering technique, which means to use multiple light sources to illuminate an area, especially on the staircases.

2) Living Room

Living Rooms are the centre of all our communal activities, like hosting guests, and even getting together as a family. It should, thus, be well lit and give out a positive vibe along with giving an insight into your personality. The best way to do so is to use a combination of General lighting like LED tube lights to illuminate the room properly and accentuate certain areas using the accent lighting options, like a LED Spotlights to highlight the art or certain areas of the room.

3) Kitchen

As a place that requires attention while doing the chores, installing general lighting is the most suitable way of illumination here. You can add supplementary lighting under the cabinets or over the cutting area for enhanced lighting and aesthetical appeal.

4) Bedroom

Choose a light that is soothing to the eyes and gives off a relaxed vibe. LED Downlights are perfect for accentuating the look and vibe of your bedroom. And if you like to read a little in your bed, these downlights would be a great addition, both functionally and aesthetically.

5) Study Room

While studying, it is important to have good lighting in the room. An LED tube light LED lamps is all you need to pay attention to your work without affecting your eyesight.

6) Bathroom

Because of the moisture in the bathroom, there are a lot of lighting options that are best avoided. The best way to light up your bathroom is to install general lighting, like an LED bulb or tube lights. But if you want something different, you can choose LED panel lights for its aesthetical appeal.

At Jaquar Lighting, you will find a wide variety of lighting options to fit the unique needs of your space.

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