The new normal has made the bedroom a blend of the interior and exterior worlds. It is the place where we hang out, work, eat and sleep. To make our bedroom compatible with our eyes, we put in much effort. From selecting the walls’ colour to choosing furniture, you put great thought into everything that adorns your bedroom. Lighting is just as crucial as any other element for your bedroom’s harmony, but sadly, it often gets overlooked.

Lighting is not an accessory that makes your room fancy; it soothes your mood as well. Often we get tired of looking at the same dull room and demand for a change. We go to lengths from overspending on changing our wall colours to buying pricey room decors. However, you can use different lights to change the colour and vibe of your room at a reasonable rate. You could also switch the lights according to your spirit.

The right kind of lighting can improve your daily productivity and relax you. It can enhance the quality of your sleep and prevent your eyesight from ageing. It can become a source of positive energy in your day. 


1) a. LAYERED LIGHTING: Layering the lighting can bring your room to life and help set the right mood or feel. To have a well-styled home, it is essential to structured lighting. With the proper form, you can have the perfect combination of comfort, utility and beauty. The three lighting types to help you get that perfect look are ambient, accent and task lighting.

b. Accent Lighting: Accent Lighting, also known as decorative lighting, is used to highlight architectural features of your room or focus on unique objects like a bookshelf, pictures and artefacts. Types of fixtures typically used for accent lighting include wall sconces, track lighting, lighting, or flood lightings.

c. Task Lighting: Task Lighting is used in spaces where high illumination is required to perform any task such as reading, cooking, or applying makeup. Task lighting fixtures include table lamps, under counter lights, pendant lights, or vanity lights. 

2) Ambient Lighting: Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting provides uniformity to spaces and provides an adequate vision of the entire area. It’s the overhead lighting such as pendants, semi-flush/flush mount ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans, or chandeliers. 

3) OPT FOR LED BULBS: LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They’re free from toxic chemicals, emit less heat and are recyclable.

4) OPT FOR LED STRIPS: You have that feeling when you are all alone and feel like having a party or want to transcend to anywhere, then LED strips are meant for you. They are the perfect combination of convenience and affordability. You can easily stick it up anywhere. Jaquar provides a diverse range of colours that suits your festive mood.

5) OPT FOR SMART LIGHTS: Smart lights can easily be turned off with the help of automated controls without you having to move out of your bed when you’re all cosied up. 


There is a wide array of lighting options available at Jaquar for you to choose from. Each option has been designed keeping efficiency and aesthetics as the paramount quality of the fixture.   

  1. Ceiling Lights: Popular for being the most efficient form of lighting, ceiling fixtures hardly take up any space and can fit in areas, which are usually dark. Another advantage of ceiling lighting is that you can control the amount of lighting you require.
  2. Table Lamps: Table lamps are multipurpose as they provide both task and accent lighting. You can use them on the dresser or beside your bed.
  3. Wall Lights: Wall Lights are the best lighting option for bedrooms as they’re efficient, hardly take up any space, and there are great LED options to choose from.
  4. Floor Lamps: Good old floor lamps can never go out of fashion as they serve the purpose of utility and design both. They’re flexible to design and can be easily rearranged in case you choose to re-decorate the room.
  5. Chandeliers: Chandeliers can never go out of fashion. These traditional beauties can add a lot of drama and glamour to your room if you’re the old-school kind.


  1. Jaquar consistently strives to make its lighting energy efficient. What makes Jaquar stand out is its approach. They study the need of the hour and provide modern designs. 
  2. It offers a range of ‘Smart Lighting’ options to make your life easier and better. The smart lighting senses your movements and switches on and off as required. 
  3. Jaquar provides cost-effective solutions while ensuring quality and variety to suit all of the customer’s needs. 
  4. Jaquar procures the best material to create your lighting, with innovative technology and high drivers designed to sustain at worst conditions of High/Low Voltage and High/Low Temperature.
  5. Jaquar’s Lighting Planners provide you with the experience and expertise to design the most efficient and cost-effective solution as per your taste and needs. 
  6. All the products are developed after thorough research. They are tried and tested for quality as per international standards. 


  1.  Photo Wall: Want to relish the memories lived with your friends? You can stick the LED strips around on the wall, and with a clip, attach all your photos. You can also connect some motivational quotes that keep you moving.
  2. Glass Bottle Lamp: Take any glass bottle that is sitting idle at your home. Smoothly, add the LED strips into that glass bottle, and voila! Your lamp is ready. You can decorate the lamp with a world map or paints or anything you like. They are cost-friendly and can be given as Diwali gifts as well.
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