Why and How to keep a bathroom dry?

Have you noticed there’s always a high-level appeal and allure to the bathrooms maintained at star hotels and resorts? There’s a distinct difference between the ones we maintain at home and the high-end bathrooms at these hotels. What is the first key aspect you notice? How clean and dry the bathroom floor is! We even end up thinking about how to keep a bathroom dry and clean. Dry bathroom floors can be easily passed off as insignificant but contributes a major chunk to the overall appeal and hygiene of every bathroom. Somehow in the set-up of a common Indian household, dry bathroom floors feature very low on the priority list. This article explains the importance of maintaining a dry bathroom and tips on how to keep the bathroom dry.

Reasons to maintain a dry bathroom floor

Safety purposes

It is never a wise option to have a constantly wet bathroom floor, especially when you have kids and aged people at home. It is a combination which calls for a disaster most of the time. Commonly in Indian households, bathroom floors are fitted with normal tiles and not anti-slip shower mats or skid-proof tiles. In order to prevent accidents due to slipping or skidding, it is advisable to keep your bathroom floor dry. This way even if the tiles aren’t skid-proof, having a dry bathroom floor can increase bathroom safety for kids and elderly.


A dry bathroom floor easily ranks high in the list of must-dos to keep your bathroom clean, hygienic and bacteria-free. For starters, someone standing barefoot for long hours in the bathroom on a wet floor can catch a cold easily. Needless to say,the mold and mildew formation in the corners and creaks of the bathroom tiles and bathroom door hinges is extremely unhygienic when accumulated due to the constant dampness of the bathroom floor. Wet bathroom floors can become the breeding ground of bacteria like bacteroidaceae, streptococcus and salmonella which can in turn cause infections. Many times we have noticed a slimy feeling in mugs and buckets when it has been wet for a long time. It happens due to the formation of moss. Similarly, bathroom floors too, in the absence of good ventilation, lead to moss formation and give rise to a dirty damp smell. This is a sign of neglect when it comes to bathroom hygiene which can be avoided by keeping the bathroom floor dry with the right cleaning equipment.

Overall appeal

As mentioned above, the smell of a damp floor is not only unhygienic but affects your overall experience in the bathroom. How unappealing would it be to come home from a long day of work, wanting to just have a relaxing shower, only to step into a dingy bathroom with a dirty, damp smell? Having a dry bathroom floor elevates the entire aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and the mood of the person using it as well. Moreover, having a soggy bathroom floor for prolonged time could leave bucket stains on the floor which is a complete no-no. Even worse is when we step in with dirty feet on a wet bathroom floor, the soiled, black footprints that are left on the floor are nightmarish. Imagine the impression you would leave on your guests using your bathroom, only to be welcomed by dirty wet footprints. All of these can be disavowed by using the right cleaning methods and keeping your bathroom floor dry.

How to keep a bathroom floor dry?

There are several ways to maintain a dry bathroom.

  •   Adequate ventilation – Make sure your bathroom is constructed with ample ventilation, most importantly a vent fan. A good quality vent fan will absorb all the moisture after your shower, preventing your bathroom floor from mould or moss formation.
  •   Dividing into wet and dry zones- Segregating your bathroom into wet and dry zones could possibly be the best and most economical decision to keep your bathroom clean. A wet zone is where showering activities are done, while a dry zone is the more frequently used space in the bathroom containing the toilet, wash basin, mirror and cabinets. By dividing the bathroom this way, it is easier to contain the moisture to only the wet zone and keep the rest of the area in the bathroom dry. Wet and dry zones can be created by constructing a wall partition, or shower doors, curtains etc. You could place a mat outside the wet zone to dry your feet and prevent water from dripping all over
  •   Shower enclosure-  We can also call it a small wet and dry bathroom design. All you need for that is add the sleek and dazzling edition of Jaquar shower enclosures. Installing an elegant and simple shower enclosure/cubicle is another answer to your ‘how to keep a bathroom floor dry’ query. Jaquar’s economical, sleek, shower enclosures give your bathroom that fancy, glass effect while confining the water spillage to just those 4 walls. Apart from this, a shower enclosure has many benefits that will elevate your shower experience.
  •   Invest in a good spin mop- A spin mop is essentially designed to clean floors with less usage of water. The spinning function of the mop removes excess water and dirt before you can use it to dry up your bathroom tiles. It is better to turn on the bathroom fan or vent after mopping to ensure quick and thorough drying.


Consistency is key to maintaining a dry bathroom floor. Cleaning the bathroom regularly just like the kitchen, living room or bedroom is important to prevent any moisture build-up. Choose good cleaning equipment and bathroom designs like shower enclosures, water saving air showers from Jaquar to enhance your bathroom look and safety.

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