5 Diwali Light Decoration Ideas To Try in 2022

Considerations on Diwali Lighting Ideas for Home


Before starting any home decor lighting ideas and projects, we always recommend starting with a game plan to help you get started. Besides weighing different options against each other, in this game plan, we will also discuss a few key aspects to keep in mind before starting your journey. 


1. Budget: Decorating your home with lighting ideas for Diwali can definitely be done on any budget, but the extravagance and type of fixtures you choose will depend on the budget you set. While you don’t need an exact number, keep a rough ballpark figure in mind to help you stay on track. 


2. Permanency: While this is not a consideration most people would keep in mind for any regular home decor lighting ideas, it is definitely something to consider. While most Diwali light decoration ideas tend to be temporary; lights that illuminate only once a year, you can also opt for more permanent fixtures. While buying lights for Diwali, also consider investing in beautiful lights that you can use throughout the year. 


3. Space: The amount of space you have inside and outside your home is also something to consider before choosing the right Diwali lighting idea for home. Identify a few core areas you want to illuminate like your balcony, terrace, patio, overall facade, living room, etc. so you can focus your ideas here. 


4. Ventilation: Besides electric lights, a large part of Diwali lights are actually natural sources that require proper ventilation. So it is essential for you to keep this point in mind to keep your Diwali fun and safe for everyone. 


5 Diwali Light Decoration Ideas to Lighten Up Your Home

Now that you have a rough idea of which spaces to illuminate with twinkling lights, let’s deep dive into 5 lighting ideas for Diwali that you have to try! 

1. Decorate your Home with Lanterns 

One of the best Diwali light decoration ideas to spice up your home is to add lanterns in your living room. Whether you want to opt for brass ones or stained glass is up to you and your home decoration style. You can even hang these lanterns as pendant lights, place candles inside them or place them as a decorative ornament on your dining table. But we can guarantee that this will add a festive touch to your home, while giving the entire place a warm glow.

2. Add a Warm Glow with Strip Lights 

Strip lights are a great way to decorate your home without being too over the top. They also make fantastic Diwali lighting ideas for balcony because of their versatility. These lights can also be customised for your home, giving complete flexibility while creating a warm ambience for guests when they visit. Indoor or outdoor, these lights are a great fit for both. If you want to level up your Diwali lighting game, strip lights make for great wall decoration ideas with lights, especially when placed in the recesses of walls, behind paintings and furniture to provide cove lighting and a glow throughout your home. 


3. Sprinkle some Twinkle with String Lights 

No Diwali lighting ideas for balcony and garden are complete without some string lights. Whether you opt for rice lights or globe lights or colourful ones, this wall decoration idea with lights is definitely one you shouldn’t miss because of their inexpensive nature and spark of festivity they add. Besides being great for festivals, string lights are also great for balcony lighting ideas, especially if you like to entertain guests. 


4. Give Your Home a Makeover with Facade Lights 

Your facade is the first place anyone sees before stepping into your home and during the time of Diwali when guests are constantly visiting, it’s key take care of the outside of your home as well. Besides temporary lighting fixtures like string lights and diyas, another great way to elevate your exteriors is by implementing garden lighting ideas like bollard lights and in-ground burial lights to make it easier for your guests to visit while giving your home a warm glow! 


5. Add extra Oomph with Decorative Lights 

Lastly, and probably the most impactful of all- decorative lighting fixtures for the interiors of your home. As the festival of lights, what better way to welcome the season than with some brand new decorative lights to wow your guests? If you’re looking for an upgrade, there are several living room light ideas you can implement for your home this Diwali season.  


Now that you know about the best Diwali light decoration ideas for 2022, are you ready to put your most festive foot forward? 


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