7 Types of taps you need to know about before you go shopping

If the thought of renovating your home has crossed your mind, you aren’t the only one. Millions of people think of the same almost everyday. But when you start renovating your home, ensure that you don't forget about one of the most important rooms- the bathroom. Even though a bathroom may play a small role in your day to day life, it is one place that you have to yourself when you’re in it. When you kick start this process, you may come across different types of taps, geysers, bathtubs, showers and many more aspects that constitute a bathroom. If you are asking yourself questions about the different types of taps, you have come to the right place. Before we dive into the different types of taps, ensure that you aren’t changing your tap only because it is leaking, try fixing the leaking tap and only then consider different options.

Pro tip: If these suggestions are out of your budget and you want economical tips to remodel your bathroom, we have you covered.

  1. Pillar tap

A pillar tap is one of the older types of taps that you may have come across. They are usually mounted on the basin and have separate taps for hot and cold water flow. The pillar tap is a classic, old school tap that comes in finishes of many colours. The handles of pillar taps can be customized as per your liking. The most preferred types of handles are usually the lever type or the bib type.

  1. Mixer tap

A mixer tap is what you would want to go for if you are looking to have an easy flow of hot and cold water. The major difference between a pillar tap and a mixer tap  is that instead of having two separate outlets for your hot and cold water needs you have one. The mixer tap allows you to control the flow of water along with the temperature.

  1. Monobloc tap

A monobloc tap is an improvement on the mixer tap. Among the different types of taps discussed so far, the monobloc tap consists of a single spout and a single tap. The mixer in the tap allows you to control the temperature and the flow rate of the water. The monobloc tap comes in traditional and modern designs that consist of curves, squares, and waterfall spouts or aerated spouts.


  1. Wall mounted tap

As the name suggests, wall mounted tap are those that protrude out of walls, into the basin. They are great to look at and are easy to maintain, but the only downside of a wall mounted tap is encountered when you have plumbing issues. Since the pipes are laid behind the wall, repairs may be more costly and time consuming. The entire look provides lesser clutter around the basin and gives the area a minimalistic look. You get two variants of the wall mounted tap. One is a static one that cannot be moved around while the other is a dynamic one. In the dynamic wall mounted tap, you can move the spout wherever you may please depending on the flexibility of the pipe.

  1. 3 hole basin tap

A 3 hole basin tap is similar in working as a mixer tap. Even though water flows from a single spout, instead of having just one hole, you will need two additional ones for the hot and cold water levers. An inconvenience about the 3 hole basin tap is that you may need both hands to manoeuvre the levers, but the tap adds a spark of elegance to the bathroom.

  1. Tall basin mixer tap

The tall basin mixer tap has risen in popularity of late and is a countertop basin design. A countertop basin design means that the faucet is mounted to the counter that your basin is installed on instead of being mounted directly on the basin. Since the tall basin mixer is installed on the counter, it makes your basin look less cluttered than usual. All tall basin mixers come in monobloc form and are usually available in modern designs that fit every bathroom’s needs.

  1. Sensor tap

The sensor tap is the most advanced type of taps when it comes to technology. Sensor taps are known for their water saving utility. They are eco friendly and waste less energy compared to other types of taps. You can set the flow rate and temperature of the water needed at one shot and forget about it, making it more user friendly than the others. Sensor taps come in a variety of makes such as tall mixers, monobloc and wall mounted. If you are thinking of making the eco friendly choice of installing this unit, there are many sensor solution designs that you can incorporate. If you are looking for a complete makeover of your bathroom with sensor solutions, you might want to add an automatic soap dispenser and a sensor toilet flush

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