6 creative kids bathroom ideas for your little one

The options are infinite when you have to decorate a bathroom, but racking your brain for kids bathroom ideas is no easy feat. For starters, they may tell you they like something but hate it with passion in the next minute. They are also the most difficult to please and your ideas often wouldn’t come close to their imagination. So the only way you can make a kid happy about spending time in the bathroom, is if you allow them to give ideas. Yes they will not be always colour-coordinated or aesthetic, but hey it is after all theirs. Instead of taking control, let the kids lead the way but if you need some creative kids bathroom ideas, here are six for you:


Get a built in vanity: The first rule for kids bathroom décor is going minimalistic while taking maximum advantage of the space. Do not clutter the bathroom because it gives the kids a little space to run around if they want. One of the best kids bathroom ideas is to install a built-in vanity, which is one of the most essential bathroom accessories. We all need storage under the sink but what if it also had a built-in bathroom step stool that you can push back into the vanity again. A bathroom step stool is an absolute necessity when you think of kids' bathroom décor because it helps them look into the mirror to brush and wash their faces by themselves. But there is always a worry that your kid might trip over a bathroom step stool if you leave it lying around on the floor. So a built in vanity is a genius kids bathroom idea. 


Minimize clutter with toy holders: Toys are synonymous with kids and they hardly go anywhere without them and trust me a bathroom is no different. So a great kids bathroom idea would be to ask your kid what kind of toy they want while you keep in mind that they are waterproof. In most cases, a kid always wants a theme of their favourite character or superhero in their bathroom. Finding their favourite bathroom toys is not too difficult but then where do you keep them after their bath? Keeping a designated toy holder in the bathroom is another great kids bathroom idea. Make sure that it is waterproof too and it’s best if you use baskets that have a magnetic holder and can be stuck to the bathroom wall. In this way you can avoid using too much space. While toys can be extremely fun they also become a breeding ground for germs. Hence, it is important to sanitize your bathroom toys frequently . You can also avoid messy bathrooms if you install the Jaquar shower enclosure. Shower enclosures have become an integral part of any bathroom and if you are planning a kid’s bathroom, this is an absolute must. A shower enclosure will ensure that water stays within the bathing area and your bathroom doesn’t become a pile of wet mess. Select a Jaquar shower enclosure as it comes with a ready to fit feature that makes installation hassle-free. You might have reservations about installing a glass shower enclosure as you might fear for the safety of your child. But when it comes to Jaquar shower enclosure it is safe because it is made from tempered glass and ensures maximum durability. 


Add some fun touches: Kids bathroom décor should always be fun. You can add elements to spruce up the place. If your little one isn’t going for a theme, you can add small elements like a cartoon toothbrush holder, colourful towels, cute figurine hooks to hang things in the bathroom. These little things go a long way in creating a bathroom the kids will love and you can check out kids bathroom ideas with Jaquar bathroom accessories and your kid can choose their favourite design of faucets and shower designs to be installed in their bathrooms. The Jaquar accessories are also eco-efficient and offer electrical protection.   


Hang some pictures and silly quotes: Giving an artistic shade to bathroom decoration is always a great idea, and hanging up decorative art on bathroom walls is an integral part of the décor. But when it comes to kids bathroom ideas, immediately switch to colours and fun. Put some fun quotes above the sink that will make them squeal in laughter every time they brush. Or a couple of silly looking pictures of the little ones on the wall. This will give that much needed personal touch. Framing and putting up a painting made by your kid is also a great way to make them feel appreciated. 


Add pop colours: Bathrooms, especially the not so big ones, look great if colours are muted. But when it comes to kids bathroom ideas, everything goes out of the window. You can paint the walls in bright colours that your kids choose. Go Hulk green or Barbie pink but try to pick a lighter shade for opposite walls like a shade of white to make the colours pop. If you are not looking to paint the walls, a wallpaper is always the easier option. Cartoon wallpaper for kids is a great kids bathroom décor and is also easily available. Let your kid choose what cartoon they want and you can put it on. This is also a safer option because you can avoid the toxic fumes of paints. For the bathroom floors, go for anti-skid tiles to ensure maximum safety. It is imperative to maintain a dry bathroom to prevent any accidents from slipping.


Make bath time fun: Your little one surely loves to play in water, so make sure they love their bath time at home too. Choose the best baby bathtub for shower complete with a shower curtain of their choice. The bathtub is their playground in the bathroom, so that should be the main focus when thinking of kids bathroom ideas. If you want to take things up a notch, you can also check out some cool whirlpools from Jaquar, a leading bathroom fittings brand in India. But as a parent the safety of your kid is always your first priority, so remember to add a non-slip mat both in the bath and the floor. Jaquar provides a wide range of the best baby bathtub for shower you can choose from.  




While designing kids bathrooms, the challenge is to find that perfect balance between functional and playful. If you can crack that code, you know you have given some kids their dream bathroom. 



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