Garden Lighting Ideas in India to Spruce Up Your Landscape 

Garden lighting in India is an excellent way to illuminate any outdoor garden space for accessibility, safety and aesthetic purposes. In this article, we deep dive into common techniques of landscape lighting in India and different fixtures that you can install in your backyard like gate top lights, pole lights, flood lights, in-ground burial lights and many others to help spruce up your outdoor space.

Having a home garden in today's day and age is an absolute privilege and anyone who has one knows how valuable it is. But maintaining a garden isn't easy. It requires time and effort to make it into the zen space you desire, and lighting plays a crucial role in that. In this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of landscape lighting design along with some garden lighting ideas in India to spruce up your space and make it into the haven of your dreams.

What is Garden Lighting?

Garden lighting or landscape lighting is a form of illuminating an outdoor garden space for accessibility, safety and aesthetic purposes. Some common garden lighting ideas in India include illuminating the driveway space, the backyard, patio, stairway and other elements of a garden.

Now that you know what exactly garden lighting is, let's discuss some benefits of investing in some popular garden lighting ideas in India for your home.

Benefits of Garden Lighting Ideas in India
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Benefits of Garden Landscape Lighting in India

Besides elevating your home's exterior, decorating your garden with lawn lighting has other benefits too. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider garden light decoration.

Accentuates your Home Facade

Implementing the right garden lighting ideas can boost the overall look of your home while accentuating the facade beautifully. Most of us are guilty of spending all our time and money on interior design and decoration, while the exteriors of our homes are left alone. However, the facade of your home makes the first impression, and wouldn't you want that to be a lasting one? Well, investing in some designer garden lighting can help with that!

Provides you Access at Night

A home garden is not something that needs to be enjoyed only during the day. Instead, illuminate your space for the night too with some garden landscape lighting. Visiting a well-lit garden at night is a completely different experience and once you do it, you'll want to decorate your garden with backyard lighting too!

Adds an Extra Level of Safety

One of the best reasons to invest in garden lighting ideas in India is that it helps improve the safety and security aspect of your home by reducing the chances of criminal activities. So, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are guaranteed safety. You can also further improve safety by adding motion sensor lights that turn on with close proximity, making you feel safe and energy efficient.It also improves the safety of the space itself as it can help prevent injuries from accident-prone areas.

Increases your Home Value

Finally, the most important point of all- having outside lights for house can increase the real estate value of your home. Landscape & backyard lighting is a vital aesthetic element of your home and makes the first impression on potential buyers. Hence, you can increase your home value with our garden lighting ideas in India.

Now that you know about the many benefits of lighting your home with landscape lighting, let's discuss the first steps you need to take before choosing your house front lights.

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Considerations about Landscape Lighting

With the abundance of modern garden lighting ideas in India nowadays, it is overwhelming to choose the right options for your home. Here are a few points to keep in mind before you start looking for inspiration.

Size and Style of Backyard

There are many lighting techniques you can follow for your garden but it all depends on the size of your garden. The type of foliage in your garden can also dictate the lighting options. For example, a simple flower garden may not require bright lighting but a garden with dense bushes and trees may require more lighting to illuminate the space.

Purpose of Lighting

Before you begin looking at backyard garden lighting ideas, take a hard look at your garden and identify the purpose of lighting different areas. Identify the key areas to light and the reason behind lighting them. This will significantly help when you are choosing the fixtures for your garden.

Cost and Budget

Unless you have endless pockets, it is essential that you maintain an estimated budget before starting your garden lighting project. If your budget is low, you can focus your attention on affordable garden lighting ideas in India which we can discuss later in this article.

Architectural Style

If your home follows a strong architectural style, you need to take note of this as it can help dictate the type of garden lighting ideas you choose for your backyard. For example, if your home follows a rustic, cottage-style aesthetic, your garden will need to reflect the same style for total cohesiveness.

Once you have the answers to the considerations, it's time to deep dive into the various techniques of garden light decoration in India, to know which will work for your home.

Different Techniques of Landscape Lighting in India
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Types of Landscape Lighting in India 

Garden lighting is all about playing with light and shadow to enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. Here are some of the most popular lighting techniques in India that you can utilise while planning your home exterior lighting design.

If you are looking to light up your home exterior walls, here are a few techniques that play with light and shadow to illuminate the exteriors beautifully.

Wall Wash Technique of Lighting in India

Wall Wash Lighting

Wall wash lighting is a technique where a light fixture is placed on the floor to cast a wide and uniform beam of light on the wall. You can place house front lights to 'wash' your exterior walls and cast a uniform glow. This is ideal when you want a uniform and consistent lighting for your home without any harsh shadows.


If the exteriors of your home have a lot of textures, then grazing is the best form of lighting in India to amplify the texture and play with light and shadow. Similar to wall washing, the lighting fixtures are placed close to the surface that is meant to be highlighted and it casts a wide beam of light. If you have a stone fence wall or any other fence with a beautiful texture, then grazing is one of the best garden fence lighting ideas for your home.

In-Ground Lighting

If you are looking for a clean and minimal lighting technique, then try ground lighting along semi-permanent areas as the fixture itself is concealed and leaves a clean beam of light that shines upwards. In-ground lighting can be excellent for pavements, sidewalks and trees that you plan to keep around for a long time.


Shadowing is a lighting technique of placing a light fixture in front of an object you wish to highlight and filtering the light to create dramatic shadows on a wall. A great way to liven up your backyard would be to place lighting in front of trees or plants that are in front of walls to cast a beautiful shadow while emphasising the texture and natural beauty of the plant.


Silhouetting is very similar to shadowing but instead of placing the light in front of the object, you place the light behind to accentuate the shape of the object only. This technique also creates a dramatic effect and it works best with shrubs and trees that have an interesting silhouette.

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Besides your home exterior walls, there are several other exterior areas that can benefit from lighting. Here are a few other spaces to illuminate:

Path Lighting

Path Lighting to Luminate your Garden

Lighting up the walkway towards your home is one of the most important elements of home exterior lighting design as it shows a visitor the direction to walk in a safe and well-lit manner. There are several types of path lighting including in-ground burial lights, bollard lights and many more.

Driveway Lighting

Just as important as path lighting towards your home, driveway lighting can help guide you in parking your vehicle during the night in a safe and convenient manner. If you maintain a garage outside your home, this lighting technique is one you must not leave out as it has a very functional purpose.

Patio/deck Lighting

Deck Lighting in India to Maximize Use

If you have a patio outside your home, you must already know how lucky you are to have an indoor-outdoor space to relax and take in the view. But this doesn't have to be reserved only for daytime. With the help of patio lighting techniques, you can enjoy your luxurious deck any time of the day.

Terrace Lighting

When it comes to thinking about light decoration ideas for home, outdoor and backyard lights are the first to come to our minds while the terrace is often left neglected. Even if you don't have a garden, you can convert your terrace into one and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty along with a view. You can also purchase some terrace garden lights to make the space accessible and safe during the night. Terrace garden lights can also be great if you like to throw parties and entertain guests in your terrace.

Pond/ Underwater Lighting

Pool/Underwater Lighting in India

One of the most beautiful elements of landscape design is having a pond or small water body in your home. Adding a couple of underwater lights in your pond or swimming pool can make the entire water body glow from within and significantly improve the entire aesthetics of your home exteriors.

Now that you know about different lighting options based on technique and area to light, let's discuss some common outside lights for house that you can purchase:

Types of Lighting Fixtures in India
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Fixtures for Garden Lighting Ideas in India

Let's take a look at some common lawn lighting fixtures that are available in the market for your next home garden renovation.

Ground burial lights

Ground burial lights- a great garden lighting ideas in India

Also called in-ground lights, these lighting fixtures are some of the most durable types of lawn lights and can be excellent for paths and to highlight special architectural features of the house. If you are looking for modern house exterior lighting ideas, then you most likely will be investing in these types of lighting fixtures for your home.

Gate Top Lights

Gate top Lights- Garden Lighting Ideas in India

Gate top lights are decorative lights that are perched on top of your home gate. They are some of the best garden fence lighting ideas as they decorate your home beautifully while also appearing inviting and warm. You can check out Jaquar's extensive collection of gatetop lights today!

Pole Lights

Pole Lighting for Streets

While pole lights are usually seen in commercial spaces, they can also be an excellent addition to your garden, particularly if you have a vast amount of space. They also make for good outdoor lighting ideas for front of house as they add height to the front. You can also get decorative pole lights and matching sets in your backyard for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing garden landscape.

Flood Lights

Flood Lights for the best garden lighting ideas in India

Flood lights are also excellent for lighting techniques like wall washing, grazing, shadowing and silhouetting as it casts a wide beam of uniform light. If you have beautiful architectural features that you want to display like columns, then flood lights are some of the best outdoor lighting ideas for front of house as they help command attention and highlight the features perfectly. You can learn more about LED flood lights and how these lighting all rounders work in this blog!

Bollard Lights

Bollard Lights to Maximize Safety

Bollard lights are a type of vertical lighting on a short type of post that are usually used to light up baths and sidewalks. They can be an excellent feature to light up your driveway or the path to the front of your house. They help give your yard a directional flow and ensure maximum visibility and safety at night.

If you want to learn more about the types of landscape lighting fixtures to execute your dream garden lighting idea in Indias, check out this video on Landscape Lighting Solutions by Jaquar.

Now, if you are on a tight budget, here are a couple of affordable garden lighting ideas in India to improve your landscape without burning a hole through your wallet.

Affordable Garden Lighting Ideas in India 

When it comes to lighting your garden, you don't need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on patio chandeliers and motion sensor lights. Instead, here are a couple of modern house exterior lighting ideas when you are on a budget:

  • Pendant Lamps: When you are on a tight budget, pendant lamps can be your best friend. You can find affordable lampshade options to hang from your patio ceiling with the only other cost being the cost of the light bulb and installation.
  • String Lights: String lights in the past couple of decades have become one of the best light decoration ideas for home outdoors, because of their affordability and the flexibility to change them out whenever you wish to. They add a certain cosiness to your backyard without any harsh beams and instantly uplift the mood of the area. String lights are excellent terrace garden lights as well and if you are on a tight budget, they are some of the best affordable garden lighting ideas.
  • Spot Lights in Shrubs: Bollard and some path lighting fixtures can be expensive. In order to reduce costs, add uplights that are hidden in small shrubs and plants along a path to beautifully illuminate the way to your home. Not only is this hack budget-friendly, but it also makes your garden look stunning!

Now that you know about some of the main types of lighting fixtures along with the different types of lighting techniques, you are almost ready to start decorating your home exteriors with lights. But before you do, here are a couple of final design tips to keep in mind to help you get started on your journey.

Garden Lighting Ideas in India- Final Tips

Final Tips on Garden Lighting Ideas in India 

Now that you find yourself inspired to start your lawn lighting journey, let's part with a few tips to help you with your process:-

  • Don't be Afraid to Mix & Match: While we do emphasise on matching your home architectural style with your garden landscape lighting, that doesn't mean all your lighting fixtures need to look the same. Don't be afraid to mix different lights together to create a contemporary, luxe look.
  • Add Height with Vertical Lights: Garden lights don't always need to be at the ground level. Add house front lights on your wall, pole lights and lamps that add vertical length and make your house appear bigger.
  • Don't Forget about the Stairway: If you have a stairway leading to your home, don't miss out on lighting the underside of each step to beautifully illuminate the path and make it easier to access during the night.
  • Create a Cosy Entertainment Space: One of the best advantages of having a backyard is the ability to host people outside and enjoy the view together. Whether you have a patio, terrace or just a backyard, you can elevate the space to entertain with string lights and other backyard garden lighting ideas that make the space warm and cosy.
  • Utilise Layered Lighting: Any landscape artist can tell you that the key to a well-decorated landscape is using different layers of lighting. Outside lights for houses are meant to be functional as well as decorative, and they tend to not be too bright. Hence, for a well-lit but aesthetically pleasing backyard, you'll need to utilise a mixture of different lights to get that designer garden lighting look.

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As we finish discussing modern garden lighting ideas to renovate your home landscape, let's talk about where you can find lighting fixtures for all your lighting needs. Jaquar is the only lighting solution you will ever need for all your lighting needs. You can schedule a virtual consultation with our experts to discuss all things lighting. Find your nearest Jaquar lighting dealer now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a small garden, you can actually elevate the space and make it appear bigger with light decoration ideas for home outdoors. One of the best small garden lighting ideas is to incorporate lighting at different levels to add more height to the space. You can also use minimal lights like in-ground lights that don't take up too much space so that the area appears bigger and less cluttered.

You can elevate your outdoor lighting by incorporating a mixture of lights in different areas for decorative and functional purposes. You can also match your lighting with your home's architectural style for a cohesive look.

If you have a covered patio area, there are many areas to light this indoor-outdoor space. Because there is a roof, you can utilise it by adding a statement piece like a chandelier to the ceiling. If you want to learn more, here are 5 tips to decorate your home with chandeliers.

Lighting your garden on a budget is definitely possible and with some careful planning and research, you can have designer garden lighting for affordable prices by incorporating some lighting tips. For more affordable solutions, get string lights to light a vast area with minimal cost. Also focus your lighting on key areas like the driveway, the patio and the facade and if cost permits, you can then decide to go with other areas like the stairway and foliage.