Flood Lights

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As the name suggests, flood lights are used to flood or fully immerse an area with light. Unlike spotlights that have a narrow but long beam, LED flood lights provide a short and wide beam of light. They can be great to light up stages, driveways and any area that requires wide, uniform light. 

Jaquar’s LED flood lights set a new benchmark for the lighting category with its wide range and high quality. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Jaquar’s flood lights: 

Wattage & Lighting Options

Jaquar’s LED flood lights are available in a vast variety of wattage options, right from 3W all the way up to 648W. Whether you are looking to illuminate a small architectural statue or a massive building, there’s a lighting option available for you. There are also RGB flood light options that can cast lights in any colour of your choice. 

Customizable Optics

What makes Jaquar LED flood lights stand out is that they have highly customisable optics - right from ultra narrow beams to ultra wide beams in a variety of colour temperatures. Indoor or  outdoor, LED flood lights from Jaquar work well with any setting. These flood lights can also be controlled via either DMX, RDM or DALI depending on project requirements. 

Enhances Architectural Splendour 

Outdoor flood lights are excellent to highlight and accent an architectural feature or even illuminate an entire building with uniform beams of light. You can also utilise outdoor flood lights as facade lighting to boost an area’s worth and highlight principle facades like the logo or a window.

Energy Efficient & Durable

Jaquar’s outdoor LED flood lights are highly energy-efficient and require minimum servicing. They perform better than most conventional lighting fixtures and provide more light per wattage of power. While the LED flood light price may seem higher at first glance, outdoor LED flood lights are extremely durable for all weather and last you a long time. 

Premium Quality

With Jaquar, you are always assured of premium service and quality in every step of your purchasing process. Right from offering you the best-LED flood light price, impeccable customer service to installation, Jaquar Lighting provides assistance every step of the way so you can have a seamless purchasing experience. 

You can opt for a virtual consultation with our team of experts to request the LED flood light price you are interested in. If you are interested in purchasing these LED flood lights, contact us today!