1 LT Fabric Shade floor Lamp

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    Floor Lamps
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    1 LT Fabric Shade with Wood, Alloy Zinc floor Lamp

    Net Weight (Kg) 16.0000

    Wattage E-27 LED 14W x 1

    H (mm) 1850

    Width (mm) 800

    Length (mm) 850

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Illuminate your living room with the warm, inviting glow of Jaquar's Wooden Floor Lamp. Crafted with precision, this wooden tripod floor lamp combines wood and alloy zinc to create a stunning piece that complements any interior.

Features of Wooden Floor Lamp:

1 LT Fabric Shade with Wood: The mix of the fabric shade with wooden accents exudes sophistication and warmth, adding a touch of nature to your living space.

Sturdy and Durable: With a net weight of 16 kg, this lamp stands tall and strong. Its quality construction ensures longevity, making it an excellent investment.

Energy-Efficient Lighting: Equipped with an E-27 LED bulb (14W x 1), it provides ample illumination while conserving energy, perfect for creating a cozy ambience.

Dimensions: Standing at 1850mm in height, 800mm in width, and 850mm in length, it's the ideal sized wooden floor lamp for living room.

 How to Use Jaquar’s Wooden Floor Lamp?

As a Living Room Focal Point: Position this wooden floor lamp as a centerpiece, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

As a Reading Nook: Place it near your favorite reading spot to enjoy well-lit, relaxing evenings.

As a Stylish Decor: The wooden tripod floor lamp adds a touch of modern elegance to your home decor.

Jaquar's Wooden Floor Lamp combines form and function, providing both illumination and aesthetic appeal. Don’t wait to elevate your living room with this exquisite wooden floor lamp