Types of Showers in India - A Comprehensive Guide

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June 14, 2023

Explore the different types of showers in India and learn how to differentiate between different shower types based on their features, styles, enclosures and water flow. This Indian buyer's guide is your ultimate tool to help you fit your home with the best shower based on your personal preference, budget and design of your home!

A functional and aesthetic shower completes every bathroom space. Showers set the mood for us throughout the day. They are the sanctuaries that we head to every morning or leave every night. Modern bathroom shower sets today come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. In this article, we’ll be discussing three different types of showers, which are:

  • Manual Shower Mixer Set
  • Electric Shower
  • Thermostatic Showers

Besides this, showers can also be classified into prefabricated and custom based on how they are made. If you are looking for a rejuvenating shower to spruce up your bathroom experience - whether you are building one or renovating your existing one, there are several types and bathroom shower ideas to choose from. This guide will explore various kinds of showers and shower room designs in India so you can find one that fits your preferences.

Chapter 1- Types of Showers in India- An Overview
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Types of Showers - The Indian Buyer's Guide

Shower types range from pre-fabricated units to custom-made showers, all of which have their own types of enclosures, shower mixer sets, bathroom showerheads and shower sizes.

A shower system is formed by a complex network of several features, and it is extremely vital to consider them all before choosing one for yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying one for your home.

- What type of boiler do you have? Every type of boiler works differently, and hence would require a shower type that adheres to it

- What sized shower do you need? This would also answer your preferences for a custom-made one for your space, or a pre-fabricated design

- How is your water pressure? Do you want high-pressure showers or a shower set with low pressure?

- Are you looking for any specific features in your shower? This includes the types of showerheads, bathroom shower taps,mixer sets, accessories, designs, materials etc.

- Do you want an enclosed shower or an open shower system? Enclosures keep your bathrooms dry and make the area seem spacious. These types of shower design ideas is something you would want to keep in mind as well.

Finding the right shower can be a little more daunting than one would expect. The market provides a plethora of products in different varieties, which can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you are entering it for the first time.

Therefore, if you have concerns about your plumbing compatibilities or just want an idea as to what works best for you, you can start off by getting inspiration via online blogs, and magazines or even visit the nearest Jaquar showroom to get a hands-on experience of all bathroom accessories you can dream of.

You can also consult a professional before making a purchase to get a better understanding of what works well for you. At Jaquar, we provide our customers with virtual consultations with our in-house experts who will guide you through all bathroom shower types, accessories and fittings that are available in their various shower designs, colours and finishes!

Different Shower Systems - A Deeper Classification

Water supply is a very important aspect of shower sets. Custom and prefabricated showers can be further classified in different forms, based on water supply. These can be categorised into 3 different types. They include--

Manual Shower Mixer Set

A manual mixer is one of the most commonly used showers. In these mixer sets, you manually adjust the temperature of the hot and cold water to fit your ideal water supply. These types of showers in India are best suited for homes with gravity-fed water systems or homes with an abundance of hot water supply.

Key Elements:

- Manual shower mixers require both- a cold and hot water supply

- They tend to be more powerful compared to electric showers

- Highly dependent on water pressure


- Family-friendly as there is lesser risk of scalding

- Easy to install and maintain

Suitable for:

- Contemporary homes and most shower enclosure designs

- Families with little/ older people

Electric Showers

Electric showers are ideal for areas that do not connect to hot water supplies. They heat water via an in-built electrical heating element that instantly reaches your preferred temperature, while also offering the potential for more energy savings.

Key Elements:

- Requires adequate water pressure from main systems or shower pumps

- Not reliant on boilers or tanks

- Ideal for small bathrooms as they are compact


- Temperature control allows you to tailor your shower experience for your needs

- Easy installation and maintenance

- Helps save energy

Suitable for:

- Any type of home due to its convenience and size.

- Ideal for urban spaces that are small

Thermostatic Showers

Also known as digital showers, these are recent technological innovations in India that provide incredibly precise temperature and safety controls within the shower set. They amp up any shower room design and are even compatible with many smart devices.

If you are looking for a tech upgrade and the ultimate shower modern bathroom idea for your bathroom space, choose from a wide range of the best thermostatic showers and valves in India from Jaquar.

Key Elements:

- Similar to a mixer shower as they take hot water directly from the boiler

- Can be compact and tech-advanced based on the model

- Highly versatile for different water supply systems


- Best control over flow rate compared to other types

- Most popular model due to its advanced nature

- Can be used for all water tanks and boiler systems

Suitable for:

- Anyone who is looking to incorporate smart technology into their homes

- Those who are eco-conscious

Jaquar's Standard Shower Enclosures in India

Shower Types - A Broad Classification

Showers can be broadly classified into two major categories, namely, custom showers and prefabricated showers.

Custom Showers

As the name suggests, custom showers are built as demanded by a homeowner's specifications. These types of showers in India can take any shape, shower size, form or material -- as suggested by the owner and their preferences making it one of the best shower ideas for your bathroom. When it comes to custom-made showers, the possibilities are endless and can be fitted into any space. These, however, will cost you more than prefabricated showers as they are made true to an owner's desires.

Pre-fabricated Showers

As opposed to custom showers, prefabricated showers are readily available showers for homeowners. These too come in a wide range of varieties and modern shower designs, therefore, you would need to find a shower set to fit into the space you have. Since prefabricated showers are mass-produced, they come in single-peuce designs which can be broken down and fit into any space - making the installation process easier and cost-effective.

Shower Styles and Enclosures in India
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Shower Styles and Enclosures

Different Shower Styles & Enclosures in India

Any modern shower beautifies the bathroom because of its style, design and shape. In order to suit the sizes and layouts of a bathroom space, it is ideal to look into shower enclosures. This is to ensure that your bathroom not only efficiently makes use of the space to shower and take care of yourself in privacy but also adds an element of visual decor to it. Below are some of the most popular shower ideas seen in a shower space today.

Curved Shower Enclosures in India

Curved Enclosure

With a rounded entryway, curved enclosures occupy a corner with a curved door that opens in the shape of an arc to access it. They are usually used in walk-in showers and can use up any space smartly making them some of the best small bathroom ideas with shower. However, they are slightly more expensive in contrast to other shower styles and shapes.

Rectangular Enclosures in India

Rectangular Enclosure

Rectangular enclosures fit extremely well in any corner of the bathroom and provide it with a sense of openness for that perfect walk in shower idea. Their quadrilateral shape is great for a space-saving small bathroom layout, and they are easier to clean and maintain as compared to curved enclosures. You can read more about hacks for a clean glass enclosure here.

Corner Enclosures in India

Corner Enclosure

Corner enclosures, as the name suggests, are made specifically to fit into any corner of a bathroom. They are most often attached to two walls with a pivoting door. They are capable of being tucked away to a side neatly and help in the conservation of maximum shower space. They also work well in a space-saving small bathroom layout.

Neo Angled Enclosures in India

Neo-Angle Enclosure

Neo-angle enclosures usually contain five sides with a door in the middle for easy access. They form a perfect combination between a corner and a curved enclosure. They take up more space than other enclosures, but these enclosures can fit all types of showerheads and panels while giving you the appearance of a modern shower.

Tub and Shower Combination

A Tub and shower combination is very commonly used to give a user both these options in a single space, as a way to enhance the bathing experience. The bathtub contains a set of faucets that not only control the tub faucet but also control the upper showerhead. These different showers for bathrooms are ideal for homes with little children, or for space-saving small bathroom ideas with shower layout.

At Jaquar India, our shower enclosures come with a ready-to-use feature that ensures hassle-free installations and maximum durability. Our glass partitions are tempered and go through several scratch tests and quality checks to minimise any bathroom dangers. Serve all your functional and modern design requirements with Jaquar's shower enclosures.

Shower Enclosures Versus Walk-in Showers
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Shower Enclosures Versus Walk-in Showers

Besides adding great value to a bathroom, shower enclosures, as well as walk-in showers, have become an important part of modern shower bathroom ideas. If you are looking to choose between the two for your bathroom, it is essential to understand what each type entails.

Walk-in shower ideas leave the entire shower space open. They are shower room designs without shower screens, doors, bathroom panels or any type of enclosures. They are ideal for contemporary designed spaces and are easy to maintain on the whole.

Shower enclosures, on the other hand, are traditional wet rooms built-in with a framed glass panel or a frameless glass panel that encloses the entire shower. These glass panels prevent water from spraying beyond the shower space, because of which shower enclosures do not demand strict waterproofing as opposed to walk-in showers.

You should consider a walk-in shower if--

  • - You want a stylish and contemporary bathroom design
  • - You are looking at something that you can easily clean and maintain
  • - You have a lot of free bathroom space

You should consider a shower enclosure if-

  • - You want to dedicate a wet room in your bathroom area
  • - You want to use different floor tiles and walls without worrying about waterproofing them
  • - You are looking for a cost-efficient installation
  • - Your bathroom is small and you are looking for space-saving bathroom ideas.
Jaquar's Shower Enclosures in India
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Standard Jaquar Shower Enclosures

When it comes to buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom, it is important to consider its elegance and style along with its basic functional purposes. Jaquar has recently launched its Shower Enclosure range, which aims to keep up with changing lifestyles. If you always wanted a shower enclosure for your bathroom but thought it was meant only for large luxury bathrooms, or if you never had the time, money or patience to install one, then thisrange is for you!

Here is why you should pick a Standard Shower enclosure-

  • - They are readily available
  • - They provide a hassle-free installation experience
  • - They are standard in shower dimensions
  • - They ensure optimum utilisation of space
  • - They are ideal for fast and easy replacements
  • - They are easy to clean and maintain
  • - They are designed to fit easily in a variety of bathroom setups
  • - Made of toughened safety glass and high-quality hinges, they offer long-term durability

To know more about Jaquar shower enclosures in India, check out the video below!

Jaquar's Standard shower Enclosures come in the following types--

Types of Standard Shower Enclosures in India

1. Wall-to-Wall Models

By reducing the number of sides from four to one, the wall-to-wall models do not conflict with any other utility functions or items in the bathroom. And the OPTIMA range of sliding shower enclosures does exactly that. The effortless movement of the sliding doors makes the whole experience quiet, sleek and elegant.

2. Corner Models

Jaquar's corner shower enclosures can be installed in any corner of your bathroom space. These types of showers in the bathroom ensure to utilise just as much space as required for showering, allowing more room for other bathroom essentials and functionalities. The Corner model ranges in three types--

When it comes to Jaquar enclosures, we ensure to save time in product acquisition. The process of procurement takes 24 hours as opposed to the regular 30-45 days and the process can be done in 3 easy steps--

  • - Model selection & order placements
  • - Delivery
  • - Installation

Add a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom décor and give uniqueness to your shower enclosure.

Types of Showers in India- Other Features
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Types of Showers in India - Other Features

Types of Shower Doors

Types of shower doors are largely dependent on the size of the bathroom. However, the most commonly used and seen shower doors are--

  • Hinged doors: These doors open in one smooth swinging motion with their hinges in plain open view.
  • Pivot doors: Pivot doors are extremely similar to hinged doors, except for the fact that the hinges on pivot doors are not openly visible. The choice to make between these two doors is entirely based on personal preference.
  • Sliding doors: As the name speaks for these doors, sliding doors are considered for bathrooms with very little space. This is because instead of opening outward, they slide along a line and save space.

Showerheads tend to define your entire bathing experience. They include options that refresh and rejuvenate with massage pressures or concentrated sprays. Hence, choosing the right one for your desire becomes very important. Some popularly used showerheads are--

Shower Panels for Bathroom

  • Single setting showerheads: Spoken by the same, these showerheads come with only one setting with the water flow. These are extremely affordable and do the job.
  • Multi-setting showerhead: These showerheads provide the option of toggling between different water flow and stream settings. These showerheads start with two settings and can go upto 10, based on the requirement. While they are more expensive, they are definitely capable of amping up the shower experience
  • Shower Panels: If you have a bigger budget to spend on your bathroom, shower panels are the way for an enhanced experience. With a sleek design of varying heights, a handheld shower head and multiple control settings, they are the perfect choice for contemporary bathroom designs.

Types of Showerheads

Showerheads come in different shapes and sizes, namely, round or quadrilaterally shaped showerheads. While each showerhead delivers water flow in similar ways, the shower experience might be slightly different between the two. They can be fitted into various shower room designs and shower dimensions including enclosed showers, exposed showers or even waterfall showers for you to experience a luxurious spa within the walls of your home.

Types of Shower Materials

We use our bathrooms more than any other space in the house. They are exposed to steam, showers, and heavy-duty cleaning products. Hence, it is also essential to consider the material that forms your bathroom space to ensure that they are built to last. Some of the most commonly used materials for bathroom spaces are--

Indian Shower Materials- Stone

  • Stone: A stone shower can make or break your space. With hundreds of stone styles that have come into play today, right from rustic charms to stylish designs, you will definitely find many that fit your preference.

    Indian Shower Materials Tiles

  • Tile: Tiles are the most familiar shower materials today. Because of their versatility, they are used in various parts of the bathroom.
Indian Shower Materials Fibreglass

Fibreglass or acrylic: Fiberglass or acrylic materials are durable, cost-efficient and easy to clean. Also called shower trays, they are excellent options for modern shower designs.

Here are a few reasons to install a shower tray in your shower systems:

  • - They ensure safety as they can come with anti-skid surfaces.
  • - They can channel water to flow towards the drain, keeping dirt and fungus from forming.
  • - They are designed to fit perfectly in your Jaquar shower enclosure, - making it functionally and aesthetically more effective.

When it comes to stones or tiles, you have the opportunity to get creative and pick from a wide range of colours, styles and designs for your fixtures, doors, handles and even showerheads. However, the options are limited to fibreglass or acrylic. Hence, the choices are left for you to pick based on your needs and likes.

Bathroom Fitting Accessories

All shower fittings are fully customizable and are full of several features apart from the basic showers, handles and doors. While designing a shower area, every person has a set of their own requirements to consider for their accessibility, lighting, seating and others. Besides this, space may also be an issue, so you must research space-saving bathroom ideas that help work with smaller bathrooms. Below are some of the additional features you can consider in your shower--

  • Install rails or shower seats if you have people with low mobility in the house.
  • Consider handheld showerheads for kids, pets and the elderly at home.
  • Enhance your shower moods with LED lighting as they can create a modern shower design environment for your showering space.
  • Include steam generators in your shower for a spa-like experience at home.

You can read more about bathroom makeovers that help you create a spa-like wellness zone.

Water Systems and Pressure for Different Shower Types
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Water Systems and Pressure for Different Shower Types

Water pressure for your shower is directly dependent on the entire water pressure of your house. Every shower type demands a different level of water pressure in order to smoothly function. There are different types of water pressures and water systems available today. hence, while choosing a shower type for your space, it is important to consider the type of system and pressure of the water as well. Some of the types of water systems available today are--

  • Unvented Water System: This is one of the more commonly seen water systems. In this system, a huge amount of water is heated and stored under high pressure. This system is ideal when the shower is in play for immediate usage
  • Combination Boiler: In a combination boiler, water is heated and used as it is being needed. This system does not store water in it. However, it ensures the highest water pressure for a shower. This system is ideal for a thermostatic shower.
  • Gravity System: This system consists of a cold water tank, usually situated on a higher level of a house. The system uses gravity to let the water trickle down, and therefore has very little water flow and pressure.

Also, have a look at Different Shower Systems to Transform your Bathroom into a Healing Stations

Conclusion- Choosing the Right Showers in India
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What to Keep in Mind - An Overview of Choosing the Right Showers

It can be beyond overwhelming to understand and decide what the best fit is for you and your space. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is what gives you the most value for your money. Another crucial factor is if it fits well in your bathroom space.

For instance, if your bathroom is small, it is definitely not advisable to consider a bigger shower in the middle of the room, and instead, pick a corner shower. Also, take into consideration the designs and style of your entire home and then question yourself if you want more of a traditional look or if you want a modern shower.

The costs of renovation or getting a new bathroom fitted into your space purely depends on the type of budget you select. The costs will also vary depending on the brand, style and quality of the products.

You must remember to set a budget before you begin, and then weigh each option carefully. You can buy Jaquar showers online for the best prices, in a way that's perfect for you and for your home. You can also reach out to a Jaguar professional, either in the store or even book a virtual meeting to get a better insight into the types of showers, their designs and styles and pick the perfect one for you.See how your personality speaks to you, what are the requirements you are looking for and then take your time in choosing what is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Types of Showers in India

There are 2 main types of showers, custom-made and prefabricated showers. They can be further classified into manual mixers, electric showers and thermostatic showers.

For smaller bathrooms, showers are more ideal as opposed to bathtubs, as they take up lesser space and prove to be more functional at the same. Bathtubs, on the other hand, are a perfect choice of design and functionality in larger bathroom spaces. However, you can double up your bathing experience with a tub and shower combination for tinier spaces.

You can also read: How to use Bathtubs More Efficiently.

As the names suggest, open showers or walk-in showers are shower rooms without shower screens, doors, bathroom panels or any type of enclosures or compartments. Shower enclosures, on the other hand, are dedicated areas for a wet room shower that is enclosed in a particular type of style and design.

While manual mixers are more powerful and ideal for large hot water tanks, electric mixers can potentially save energy, function with just cold water supply and are a good option for homes with combi boilers. The choice between the two is entirely based on the needs and preferences of your home.

While both round and angular showerheads provide water flow and delivery in similar ways, opening nozzles in round shower heads are arranged in circles. They tend to deliver a water spray that radiates outward. Nozzles in an angular head, on the other hand, are arranged in rows, hence providing a water flow that falls straight downwards.

Shower doors have become a very prominent feature of the shower room. They contribute greatly to the overall design, as well as the general functionality of the space. Apart from thorough maintenance from mould, shower curtains also tend to drip water, leading to water pools in the bathroom. Shower doors, however, require minimum maintenance, open up bathroom spaces and also add long term equity to your home.

Shower types are purely dependent on personal preferences. But here are the top five important things to factor in before choosing the type of modern bathroom showers for you:

- Shower size & bathroom layout
- Water system & pressure
- Shower valves
- Price & budgets
- Special needs/requirements

What are you waiting for? Wade through our boundless collection to experience the perfect type of shower that is made for you!