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At Jaquar, customer care begins before you even make a purchase. We want you to have an experience that meets or exceeds your expectations. Jaquar is India’s most-trusted bath brand(Jaquar Syndicated Research Neilson’13, Percept’16) and it ensures through its “Authorized Dealers” that all its customers to enjoy complete peace of mind. A great and pre and post purchase experience!


Why buy from the Jaquar Authorized Dealer?

Jaquar Authorized Dealer strives to deliver an excellent customer experience that helps you make the right product choices for your bathroom. And they can assist in delivering the highest quality products and unmatched service you deserve.

Jaquar offer limited product warranties only when the products are purchased from authorized dealer. Purchasing Jaquar products out-of-network places Jaquar customers at risk. These customers may receive products that are counterfeit, used, defective or not designed to properly operate in hard water and tough usage conditions. In order to get best product for your bathroom, we urge Jaquar customers to buy from Jaquar Authorized Dealer only.


The Jaquar Authorized Dealer assurance

When you purchase Jaquar complete bathroom range of products from any Authorized Dealers, you can be assured you are not purchasing products that may have been altered, substandard quality and duplicate, which could void the limited warranty that accompanies Jaquar products.


In addition, when you buy from a Jaquar Authorized Dealer, you'll know that...


  • Jaquar Authorized Dealers have the latest and complete range of products displayed and available.
  • Jaquar Authorized Dealers are properly trained on Jaquar products so they can answer your questions
  • Jaquar Authorized Dealers stay informed about new bath product and concepts.
  • Jaquar Authorized Dealers are committed to providing excellent customer service
  • Jaquar Authorized Dealers can assure you that the Jaquar products they sell will be serviced by Jaquar customer care


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