• Advanced Rubit Technology

    This technology keeps showers clean and increases their longevity. The spray jets on the showers are made from elastic silicon, which ensure that no lime scale deposits stick to the shower face.

  • Click Position System

    All Jaquar multi-function showers feature the convenient click mechanism. You can feel and hear the click while changing the function of the shower sprays.

  • Thermo Insulation

    Jaquar insulated shower systems prevent scalding by not heating up the shower body.

  • Jaquar Booster Technology

    Jaquar Booster Technology creates the sensation of a full shower regardless of the water pressure.

Body Shower 130x120mm Rectangular Shape

Body Shower 130x120mm Rectangular Shape (ABS Chrome Plated Face Plate) with Installation Box and Rubit Cleaning System
Normal Flow
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