Xenon (5 Seaters with kid seat)

  • Range : Spas
  • Code : WSP-SLV-SPA7S2340VX
Description : Size: 230X230X92CM

Key Features:

  • Thermoclad
    Thermoclad cabinet
  • Perimeter Insulation
    Perimeter Insulation
  • Thermobond 4 Layer Shell Construction
    Thermobond 4 Layer Shell Construction
  • Duraflex Plumbing
    Duraflex Plumbing
  • Purezone UVs terilising system
    Purezone UVs terilising system*
  • Set and Forget Control System
    Set & Forget Control System
  • Multi-Colour Spa Light
    Programmable Multi-colour spa light
  • Aromatherapy
    Adjustable Aromatherapy
  • Micro brass Air Jets 12
    Illuminated Topside Controls
  • Ozone filtration
    Ozone filtration
  • Reinforced foot wall
    Reinforced foot wall
  • Micro filteration
    Micro filteration
  • Moulded headrests
    Moulded headrests
  • Foot jets
    Foot jets
  • Wine cooler
    Wine cooler
  • Child seat
    Child seat
  • Moulded headrests
    Individual seat pressure control
  • Steps
  • Hydrotherapy Recliners

    Hydrotherapy Recliners


  • Dry Weight 220kg
    Dry Weight 334kg
  • Filled Weight 467kg
    Filled Weight 1534kg
  • Water Capacity 300 litres
    Water Capacity 1200 litres
  • spa-controller
    Spa Controller Sv2
  • programme
    Programmable circulation pump 250w
  • Jet Pump
    Jet Pump(s)2.5x1 hp
  • Variable speed
    Variable speed air blower 700w
  • Heater
    Variable output heater 3kW
  • Electrical Requirements Max 15 amps
    Electrical Requirements Max 15 amps
Product tags
Product tags