Versa Vertical Manual 50 Ltr

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    Water Heaters
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    Versa Vertical Manual Water Heater 50 Ltr
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Versa Vertical Manual Hot Water Geyser

Elevate your everyday bathing experience with the Versa Vertical Manual 50 L Hot Water Geyser, a remarkable blend of advanced technology and sleek design. Say goodbye to chilly mornings and embrace the luxury of instant hot water with this instant water geyser that promises unmatched performance and durability.

Designed for Efficiency and Convenience

Imagine the convenience of having instant hot water at your fingertips. The Versa Vertical Manual hot water geyser delivers exactly that. Boasting a rapid heat-up time, it transforms cold water into soothing warmth within seconds, revolutionizing the way you start your day. Its 50 litre water heater capacity ensures a continuous supply of hot water, accommodating your daily showers and more.

Precision Engineered for Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Versa Vertical Manual hot water heater takes this seriously. Equipped with a multi-function safety valve and a manual lever, it offers dual layers of protection, preventing pressure build-up and ensuring your peace of mind. The glass coated Incoloy heating element of this hot water heater not only enhances efficiency but also guarantees longevity, while the thermostat and ELCB facility further contribute to a secure bathing experience.

A Hot Water Geyser with Durable Construction and Design

Crafted with attention to detail, the Versa Vertical Manual 50 L electric water geyser boasts an outer body material combining CRCA and PP for ultimate durability. The inner container, with a substantial thickness of 1.8mm, is made from high-quality MS for longevity and robustness. The 35mm insulation ensures minimal heat loss, making the most of your energy consumption with this electric water geyser.

Seamless Integration and Warranty

With its sleek dimensions of 410 x 430 x 770 mm, the Versa Vertical Manual 50 Litre water heater effortlessly fits into your space, while the elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. As a testament to its quality, we offer an impressive 7-year warranty on the tank, 4 years on the heating element, and 2 years on other parts, providing you with a worry-free experience with this hot water geyser.

Upgrade to the Versa Vertical Manual 50 Litre Hot Water Geyser today and indulge in the luxury of instant, consistent hot water. Embrace modernity, efficiency, and safety in one remarkable package.

DetailsVersa Vertical (Manual)
Rated Wattage2 kw
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)230V~ 50Hz,AC
Temperature Range25ºC to 75ºC
High Pressure Rating8 bar
Outer body materialCRCA+PP
Inner Contaner Thickness1.8mm
Multi-function Safety ValveYes
Manual LeverYes
Heating element typeGlass coated Incoloy heating element
Warranty7 Years on Tank,4 Years on Heating Element and 2 Years on Other Parts
Inner container MaterialMS 
ELCB FacilityYes
Product Dimensions (mm)410 x 430 x 770