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Framed: Enclosed In Style

Jaquar Framed Shower Enclosures are covered with frames from all four sides of the glass. The elegant and sleek designs of the enclosures have a wide range of designs with square shape, rectangular shape and semi-circle quadrant models. These enclosures are ready-to-fit in nature, easy to install, thus saving time and increasing convenience. Choose as per your requirement and the enclosure is ready to be installed.

Jaquar’s Ready-to-Fit Shower Enclosures are a must for every bathroom to minimise the dangers of slipping and falling.
• Readily available in standard sizes
• Separates dry and wet areas and optimises bath spaces
• Easy Clean (Anti Limescale Treatment)
• Brass Hardware
• Made of toughened safety glass and high-quality hinges
• Choose from Frameless, Semi-framed and Framed enclosures
• One-stop solution (Design – Installation – Maintenance)
• Available at leading sanitaryware stores
• 5 Years Warranty on Hardware



Tempering for shower enclosure glasses only


90% of an enclosure is glass, so glass must conform to the highest safety standards as it is used in the bathroom

Quality checks :

Fragmentation test : to check breakage pattern of glass

  • Zebra test: no waviness
  • Ball drop test (impact resistance): to check strength at point of impact
  • Visual defects: to check bubbles, scratches, chipping at edges and other visible defects
  • Free fall test: to check overall strength of glass, by throwing the glass freely on a plain surface

Standards :

  • These standards ensure that the glass passes stringent quality parameters
  • Ensures consistency
  • Enhances life of the product

Conforms to both European and Indian standards

Reference : India

  • IS 2553 ( part 1 : 1990 )
  • IS 14900 : 2000
  • IS 2835 : 1987

Reference : Europe

  • En 14450 : 2000
  • Adheres to European toughening norms

Hardware :

Frameless Range :


  • Minimalist and sleek design to make entire enclosure look aesthetically appealing
  • Made of brass with nickel and chrome plating
  • Automatic closing upto 300
  • Tested for 5 lakh cycles
  • Rust proof screws
  • Screw caps
  • Protective film on the hardware to prevent scratches etc
  • Designed to carry loads of upto 25 kg ( per hinge )
  • Gasket:
  • Food grade plastic

Glass Connectors :

  • Minimalist and sleek design to match the hinges
  • Made of brass with nickel and chrome plating

Stabilisers :

  • SS 304 grade
  • Mirror finish to match chrome finish of the hinges and connectors
  • 19 mm dia

Towel Bars :

  • Longest towel rod ( 405 mm x 205 mm ) to hang 2 towels
  • Brass with nickel and chrome finish
  • 19 mm dia
  • No visible screws

Plastic Parts :

Semi Framed and Frameless Range :


Made of food grade plastic


  • Sleek to match with hardware
  • Transparent look complementing glass
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal of enclosure


Concealed magnet ensuring longer life


5 year warranty for complete peace of mind


Replacement even if it turns yellowish

Profiles instead of wall connectors

  • Aluminium profiles with powder coating
  • Aluminium is first cut to size , then chemically treated and then powder coated so that there is no chance of rusting
  • Adjustment of 15 mm so as to cover undulations in the wall


  • Rise and fall mechanism : door rises 6 – 8 mm above the floor while opening thus preventing any chance of breakage

Sliding Range :

  • Top hung channel – gives free walk way
  • Wall profiles : sleek with 15 mm adjustment
  • Rollers : ball bearing encapsulated in brass
  • 5 year warranty on rollers