• What should I use to clean my bath fittings & accessories?
    All Jaquar faucets and accessories (chrome plated) should be ideally cleaned with Glitz (water scale cleaner) and a soft cloth or toothbrush. Read instructions given on the bottle before using glitz. It is available at all Jaquar authorized dealer counter at a reasonable price. Abrasive cleaning products (i.e. mould/mildew removers) should be avoided.
  • Can we buy the products from Jaquar orientation centre?
    No, one can only see the physical products. Jaquar orientation centre’s are the best place to  see, touch & feel the latest collections and complete range of bathing products & accessories. It also offers, Live Demo, Expert advice, Installation assistance, free estimate assistance.
  • Where do I get Jaquar OC addresses? Or how can I locate Jaquar orientation centres?
    Plz visit our website Jaquar.com and get the addresses under “FIND US”.
  • What is high flow divertor?
    It delivers a high water flow even in low water pressure condition. It can be used on the top floor of the building where we always get less water pressure.
  • What do you mean by Exposed shower pipes? Can it be installed in my existing bathroom set up?
    Exposed shower pipes offers a wide shower experience without the need of complex concealed installation. It is available in new refreshing designs that can be integrated into any bathroom design old, new or renovated. With the provision of simultaneous working of showers, makes showering experience more enjoyable. It also comes with height adjustment feature; thereby showers can  be positioned to release the spray either directly or diagonally from above. Its exposed applications make it easy to upgrade or renovate your bathroom at any time.
  • What is the difference b/w handshower & overhead shower?
    Handshower is detachable shower head that can be directed to the body by hand whereas,   Overhead shower direct water onto the user from the top.
  • What is PMS and PMC?
    PMS stands for “Preventive maintenance service” which is given free of cost during purchase of all Artize and Jaquar wellness products. Whereas; PMC stands for “Preventive maintenance contract” which is available at a very nominal fee and cover 4 services per year. For more details you can speak to our service personnel at 1800-121-6808.
  • How to avoid slipping danger from the bathroom?
    Install Jaquar ready –to –fit shower enclosures that separates dry and wet areas thereby minimize the risk of slipping & falling. It is available in standard & customized sizes.
  • Is Jaquar faucets available in different colors other than chrome?
    Yes, Most of the Jaquar faucet ranges are available in colors. For more info Plz call: 33002233(Add nearest orientation centre city code before the number)
  • What do you mean by”Jaquar complete bathing solutions?
    Jaquar offers a unique and comprehensive bathing portfolio of products for every kind of bath spaces. It offers complete bathing solutions to your bathroom by providing faucets, showers, sanitaryware, whirlpools, steam cabins, spas, shower enclosures, water heaters, flushing system & lighting.
  • How can I remove mineral deposits from my aerator?
    Remove the aerator. Soak it in vinegar overnight and flush it with water, rubbing it with a toothbrush if the deposits are stubborn. For any other assistance call our orientation centres at 1800-121-6808
  • Which is better for my sink, a single-handle or double-handle faucet?
    This one’s up to you, and with a bit of research, you can decide what’s right for you. While a single-handle faucet offers convenient control of water volume and temperature, double-handle faucets offer additional styles and spout designs. For any other assistance call our orientation centres at 33002233.


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