Key initiatives

Educational Initiatives by Jaquar foundation

To promote education amongst children of the weaker sections of society, we are focused on bridging the gap between the standard of public and private educational institutions so that every child gets the same facilities and opportunities for their future.

We understand that most social ills arise due to the lack of proper basic education in India. Which is why we have pledged to eradicate illiteracy through our various interventions across our targeted areas.

  • 1. More than 35 schools across Delhi NCR and Bhiwadi region have been adopted by Jaquar under our educational initiative
  • 2. With our school adoption initiative, we have touched the lives of more than 9000 students
  • 3. Apart from the distribution of uniforms, stationery and all basic requirements of each student, we have also helped the schools in providing and fulfilling all kinds of infrastructural requirements

We believe that the prime need of every government school today is its infrastructure. Most government schools are lacking in proper classroom and toilet facilities. Jaquar Foundation has focused on the infrastructural development of each of its adopted schools and changed the face of these schools. Under the Swachch Bharat Initiative we have constructed toilet complexes in each of our adopted schools across Delhi NCR and Bhiwadi.

Other than school buildings, during our baseline survey of each school we found out that all these schools required proper seating facilities for students. Most government schools lacked basic facilities like benches and tables for the students, and therefore Jaquar foundation helped each of its adopted schools by providing ample tables and benches for students.

Skill Development Initiatives by Jaquar Foundation

Considering the shortage of skilled plumbers in India (approx 1.5 Lakhs) we have initiated the programme of skilling plumbers in India. We have made 14 plumbing labs with various prestigious institutes I.e. S.B.T. Don Bosco, S.D.I, Art of living, National Academy of Construction, CRISP, DTTE etc. with State Govt. Skill Development missions of Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, Maharashtra, Odisha etc.

Operational Plumbing Centres:

S.No.In collaboration withProjects
1.Haryana Government and Building CentrePlumbing Lab, Vikas Sadan, Gurgaon

Vishakhapatnam Plumbing Lab,

Vishakhapatnam Jail, Rajahmundary


3.Don Bosco Society

Plumbing Centre Bengaluru,

Mangalore, Hawrah, Najafgarh

4.National Academy of Construction (NAC)Plumbing Lab Hyderabad
5.Swarn Bharat Trust (SBT)Vijaywada
6.Delhi Technical Training Education (DTTE)Jhandewalan, Narela

Approx 25 are in various stages of construction.

S.No.In collaboration withProjects
1.GMR GroupHyderabad, Delhi
2.Aditya Birla GroupSambalpur, Lucknow, Bhopal
4.Art of LivingPulwama Jail, Guwahati Jail, Bengaluru
5.Tata MotorsJahangirpuri
6.Satguru Ram SinghRanchi

Jaquar Foundation is focused on constructing Skill Development Centres across India in association with various State Governments (Govt. Of Haryana, Uttarakhand, MP, Kerala etc), renowned NGOs (Swarna Bharat Trust, CRISP etc.) and other well known institutions like Skill Development Institute (SDI), Don Bosco, Delhi Technical Training Education (DTTE), NAC, ASAP etc. Till date Jaquar Foundation has constructed 14 plumbing labs. Around 25 plumbing labs are in the pipeline (in association with TATA Motors at various locations of Delhi NCR, and with Aditya Birla Group, GMR, Art of Living etc). To help eradicate crime and other social evils, Jaquar Foundation has associated itself with Director General Prisons in order to provide plumbing skills to the prisoners of various central and state jails. We have a collaboration with Director General Prisons for the construction of plumbing labs at Rajahmundri, Pulwama, Tihar, Vishakhapatnam etc., as well as with other reputed institutions like Sath Guru Ram Singh (SGRS), at Ranchi, Jharkhand, and Art of Living which shall be completed within next financial year.

The expected growth of real estate needs to be complemented with availability of skilled manpower. It is important to note that plumbing skill used is not only restricted to water but for gas and oil also. The objective is to train unemployed youth in specialised skill sets and develop them as trained plumbers. This would not only help them to generate enough for their livelihood but will contribute to the Make in India initiative. The salient features of Jaquar Foundation Skill Initiative:

  • 1. Construction of Skill Development Centres for unemployed youth across India.
  • 2. Training, educating and certifying youth to cater to the growing need of plumbing in India. The training shall be free of cost and the students shall be certified by NSDC & Jaquar Foundation.
  • 3. The students shall be trained with the most modern plumbing technologies to make them competitive in the global market.
  • 4. We have already constructed 14 plumbing labs pan-India and we plan to construct 40 Skill Development Centres across India in 2 years starting 2017. Till date we have trained around 300 students from our different skill development centres in the plumbing stream, providing perhaps the best technical and practical knowledge about the same.

Health Initiatives by Jaquar Foundation

Many of India’s villages lack even basic healthcare facilities and that’s why Jaquar Foundation has chosen to work towards providing access to proper health services across India. We sponsor hospitals / health institutes which treat patients from underprivileged sections of society who may be suffering from a range of diseases.

The list of hospitals to whom Jaquar Foundation has extended its help, and will continue to do so in the current financial year, include:

St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi: Jaquar Foundation has been sponsoring the treatment of polio / paisley affected patients for the last three years. We also sponsor patient’s treatment for eye surgery and artificial limbs in this hospital.

St. Parmanand Hospital, Delhi: Jaquar Foundation has been sponsoring cataract operations and gynae surgery of underprivileged patients.

National Thalassemia Welfare Society, Delhi: Jaquar Foundation sponsors free / subsidised medicine for poor and needy Thalassemia patients. Along with this, Jaquar Foundation provides infusion pumps for patients who can’t afford such costly equipment.

Sahayata Charitable Trust: Jaquar Foundation sponsors cancer patients by providing monetary support for Chemotherapy treatments.

Jaquar Foundation has also expanded its health initiative by providing Mobile Health Services, in association with PHD, in the villages under the Smartgram Initiative of the Rashtrapati Bhawan in Haryana (Daula, Harchandpur, Alipur, etc). The number of beneficiaries is around 120 per day.

Rural Development Initiatives by Jaquar Foundation

As a socially responsible business practice and in accordance with the CSR norms, Jaquar Foundation has adopted four villages (Daula, Harchandpur, Alipur and Tajnagar) under the Smartgram Initiative of the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

We have provided all four villages with access to clean drinking water by installing RO water plants and have impacted the life of around 16 thousand people living in these villages.

Medical facilities in our villages lag far behind those in urban areas and Jaquar Foundation decided to help change that by providing Mobile Health Services in all our adopted villages. This Mobile Van is being run by PHD Family Welfare Foundation and an average of 120 patients are treated each day.

Sanitation Initiatives by Jaquar Foundation

Under its sanitation initiatives, Jaquar Foundation has already constructed toilets in various schools in Delhi NCR. Jaquar Foundation will also make toilet complexes at various public places in Gurugram.

Under our Swachcha Bharat initiative we have constructed toilet complexes at around 21 schools till date and many more are in the pipeline.

We have constructed public toilet complexes in Gurugram and Bhiwadi.

We are also installing RO water plants in all the schools adopted by Jaquar Foundation in Delhi, NCR.

We have constructed 6 public toilets so far in various locations of Gurugram (Bus Stand, Mahavir Chowk, Rajiv Chowk, among others) with more than 9000 people benefiting every day.