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COB LED lights or chip-on board lights are a new type of LED lights that have many advantages over the regular lighting options available in the market. COB lights for home are an excellent alternative to fluorescent lights and they can help you save over 40% of your energy bills as compared to standard incandescent/fluorescent options. 

When you install COB light for ceiling, you’ll notice that the light is much brighter and uniform than standard LED options and there is higher and improved lumen density. 

Advantages of COB LED Lights 

- Brighter beam of light 

- Highly uniform light 

- Has a simple design because of only 1 circuit 

- Has a higher lifespan with a lifetime of over 50,000 hours 

- Energy efficient option

Types of COB LED Lights 

COB lights for home and commercial space come in a few different types. Some common types include: 

- Single COB Focus Lights: One of the best COB lights for ceiling are focus lights as they can move in any direction of your choice. 

- Double COB Lights: Double COB lights have two separate lights in one Square panel and they cast a wide beam of light across a room. 

- Surface COB Lights: If you are looking for a wall mounted downlight, then surface COB lights are a great option as they cast a beautiful and uniform beam of light on a particular object. These ceiling COB lights work well above paintings, sculptures and art pieces in homes and commercial spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions on COB LED

Relatively newer to the market, COB LED lights or chip-on-board lights are basically multiple LED chips that are directly connected to a substrate to form a single module.

COB LED lights have many LED chips that are fused into a circuit board. The board powers the LED chips simultaneously using a single circuit of power. Simply put, COB lights for home are brighter than standard LEDs and use less power to light up a room.

If you are looking for the perfect lighting solution, then try COB lights for home. They work well in any kind of room but particularly COB lights for false ceilings as these lights are simple in design and easy to install. Ceiling COB lights also ensure a clean and crisp light across the entire room.

Yes, compared to standard LED lights, COB lights price is higher. However, COB lights are more energy efficient, easy to install and more reliable, making them overall cost-effective than standard LED.