Jaquar provides an opportunity to the competent professionals to be a part of its wonderful Winning Team which enjoys the status of being the industry leader for more than 60 years in Bathroom industry & having an enviable more than 55% market share.

Jaquar provides an eco-system which enables its team members to explore one’s potential rather than just be satisfied with some %age growth over last year! Our team works on the concept of business & market development as means to an end of sales generation. While we have absolute performance driven culture we are a family whose each member knows clearly his/her accountabilities. This is further facilitated by an unique performance management system which works as a growth tool for employees and is based on formal interactions system at various stages to bring in complete transparency in working of every team member. This engages seniors to play a role of the solution provider and he/she does not behave like a traditional boss!

None other than us understands better that Learning & Development is the backbone for anyone’s growth in life. Since one’s development happens the most when he/she takes ownership of that but we know that people need to be facilitated for the same for this, we provide optimum exposure to our world class manufacturing facilities and to the unique “Jaquar Way of Working” which has made the careers of thousands of our existing or ex-employees – in fact Jaquar is often termed as “Leadership Factory”. We are a strong team of 12000 plus members in India and globally. We are making India proud in 55 plus countries across the globe including Europe.

Our HR function revolves around the dictum that ‘’human beings have unlimited potential and one can achieve anything one can think of’’ but like a rainbow occurs when right conditions happen and we endeavour here at Jaquar to give those right conditions to our teams!

We Don’t Provide Jobs – We Build Careers