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What is a Sensor Tap

A sensor tap is one of the most popular water flow solutions in modern times. It involves a sensor by which you can wash your hands without physically touching the equipment. In the light of social distancing, sensor taps are in trend and widely used not only in public places but also at home. The price of a sensor tap faucet ranges from Rs.9,000-Rs.13,950

Benefits of a Sensor Tap Faucet

A sensor water tap has various benefits for daily usage at home. It includes:

- Reduces the bacteria spread

- Hygienic way of washing your hands

- Hand-free wash which ensures less damage to the tap

- Saves 30-65% water as compared to ordinary tap faucet

- Low electricity consumption

How does a Sensor Tap Faucet work?

Sensor taps are organized via an infrared sensor beam that is located at the bottom of the tap. This beam breaks when you place your hands in front of it that results in water flowing from the tap. Water flows through the tap for a limited period of time and then turns off automatically. This process is seamless and efficient for no-contact usage.

With diverse colours offered by Jaquar, Sensor tap faucets are also perfect for all types of bathrooms.