सिंगल लीवर बेसिन मिक्सर

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    सिंगल लीवर बेसिन मिक्सर विदाउट पॉपअप वेस्ट एण्ड 450मिमी लॉन्ग ब्रेडेड होज़ेस
यहाँ दर्शाए गए फ़िनिश केवल सांकेतिक हैं और वास्तविक उत्पाद पर इससे भिन्न हो सकते हैं।

Flaunt your Wash Basin Mixer

Much like the saying ‘the beauty lies in the details’, faucets are an integral part of your bathroom or kitchen’s overall appeal. Sleek, chrome finish bath faucets can give that contemporary, minimalist look while antique finish, designer taps that match your sanitaryware with curves can immediately spin a royal and luxurious look out of your normal bathroom.

Features of Single Lever Wash Basin

This wash basin mixer is unique and bold in style, design and finish. Their excellence in manufacturing makes them perfect for fancy taps for washbasins in bathrooms and kitchens. What makes Jaquar wash basin taps stand out? What are the features that make Jaquar tap a frontrunner? Here are some features: 


- A cartridge is a tool responsible for controlling the water supply in taps. Cartridges of Jaquar taps are half a million cycles tested to give a longer and trouble-free operating life of up to 20 years. This ensures the maximum life of your Jaquar tap to give you the best profit.

- Wide-angle lever provides ultra comfort and flawless, smooth operation of the Jaquar bathroom tap

- We make the cartridge spindle of a washbasin tap with brass instead of plastic, to avoid breakage

- The bathroom faucets work smoothly even at high temperatures and in various pressure conditions 

Chrome Finish

- The chrome finish is the outer shiny cover layer protection that provides a classic mirror finish to every Jaquar faucet.

- The chrome finish for every curated Jaquar tap comes with high plating thickness and provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions, causing lesser wear and tear.

- 450+ hours of salt spray test ensures every Jaquar washbasin tap is highly durable and corrosion-resistant for a much longer duration.


- Every Jaquar basin tap comes fitted with aerators, which are devices that mix air with water to give a soft and splash-free flow.

- Our integrated honeycomb-structured aerator provides lime build-up protection

- Integrated anti-clogging dome screen of the aerator filters sediments and dust particles

Unmatched Warranty

Jaquar range of products are so precision engineered and made to such exacting quality standards, they come with a 10 Year Warranty. At Jaquar, we make the best taps in India for the washbasin with an unmatched warranty.

Jaquar Care

Armed with an extensive service network of trained personnel who offer on-site plumbing guidelines and preventive maintenance services besides regular check-ups, Jaquar ensures round-the-clock customer service for bathroom tap sets. We ensure:

- Optimum Flow and Temperature

- Smooth Operation

- Higher Durability and Longevity

- Unmatched Warranty

- Advanced Water Saving Flow Regulator

Keeping in mind your budget and design requirements, connect with our highly trained professionals for a virtual consultation to find the right single lever wash basin mixer for you!