Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Concept
Jaquar Foundation is committed to being recognized as a leader in the field of CSR and recognizes
that doing so, will add significant value to society. CSR activities at Jaquar Foundation are broadly
identified as follows:
-Promoting Education
-Skill development
-Health care
-Other need based initiatives in compliance with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013

1. Focus Areas:

The CSR projects of JF (Jaquar Foundation) are mainly aimed at skilling India in various disciplines,
providing quality education, facilitating health care facilities to the weaker section of the society and
helping the Swachh Bharat Mission by providing proper sanitation facilities in communities in the
target villages and public places. The entire endeavor is to do something positive to protect and
sustain the environment and contribute to society.
In order to make a long-term impact, JF shall contribute to quality of life by supporting innovative
programs in health, education, skill development, as well as sanitation projects.

2. CSR Committee
To ensure un-interrupted implementation & compliance of various projects / programs undertaken,
the company has formed the above committee which is comprised of the following Directors of the
Company. Jaquar Foundation has two authorized personnel who approve each expenditure, Mr
Kanwar Shamsher and Mr. Kanav Mehra who independently report to Mr Rajesh Mehra, Chairman,
CSR Committee.
Mr. Rajesh Mehra - Chairman
Mr. S K Mehra - Member
Mr. Ajay Mehra - Member
Mr. Parichay Mehra - Member

3. Identification of projects
Presently, our focused projects are: -
A. Promoting Education amongst children from weaker / poor section of society. We will
extend financial support to schools for their education.
Below are the key areas where we will make substantial contribution in development of
- Setting up and running educational institutions and hostels
- Setting up and running mid-day meal kitchens
- Training of teachers and headmasters
- Improving quality of education in existing schools
- Augmenting and supporting infrastructure in educational institutions
- Offering scholarships and financial assistance to needy and meritorious students
- Bridging drop-out children and mainstreaming them to formal schools
- Making adults functionally literate
- Developing educational material and methodologies
- Education for mainstreaming disabled children
B. Skill development – as our nation is in shortage of skilled labours, we will contribute to
recognize Institutes / Organisations for the training of interested youths in country:
- Centres focussed on young women and girls
- Setting up and running skill development centres.
- Career Counselling Centres
- Skills trainings be expert agencies/NGOs which can be linked with employment later
- Trainings include Basic and Advanced Computer trainings, Plumbing training,
Stitching Courses, Embroidery Courses etc.
- Placement Cell dedicated to link the students with employment.
C. Health care – we will sponsor hospitals / health institutes for the treatment of patients from
underprivileged sections of society for various types of diseases.
- Setting up and running clinics and hospitals
- Running mobile medical vans and ambulances
- Organizing health camps
- Providing financial assistance and waivers for needy patients, on a case-to-case basis
- Preventing and treating communicable diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV
- Treating and rehabilitating persons with disabilities
- Promoting awareness about various health issues and generating demand for health
- Ensuring access to potable drinking water and hygienic sanitation
D. Sanitation - we will construct public utility complex (toilets), night shelters, public places in
coordination, cooperation and consultation with the concerned Authorities.
- Toilets construction and maintenance at schools/colleges/institutes.
- Public utility complexes at public places
E. Other Initiatives:
To undertake other need based initiatives in compliance with Schedule VII of the Companies
Act, 2013

4. CSR Budget:
The Board shall approve overall limits for CSR Activities to be undertaken by the Company.
Within the overall limits approved by the Board, the CSR Committee shall approve individual
projects / programs.

5. Validity of CSR Policy
This policy is effective from April 1, 2018 and may be amended by the Board as required
from time to time.