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वॉलवॉशर 24W

कोड : JQL-GRY-WWL024W

वॉलवॉशर 36W

कोड : JQL-GRY-WWL036W

वॉलवॉशर 48W

कोड : JQL-GRY-WWL048W

वॉलवॉशर 72W

कोड : JQL-GRY-WWL072W
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LED Wall Washer Lights by Jaquar


Wall washer lights are lighting fixtures that “wash” a wall with light, rather than a focused beam of light. This indirect lighting is usually placed at the bottom of a wall or you can get wall mounted wall washer lights to cast a downward beam. Using LED wall washer lights is a great way to make shadows and defects disappear from the wall as it casts a uniform & equal light.

Jaguar brings you a wide range of wall washer lights for outdoor and indoor lighting needs, whether you need exterior wall wash lighting or interior. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Jaquar’s high quality LED wall washer lights. 

Wattage Options

Jaquar’s LED wall washer lights are available in 4 different wattage options based on how bright you want your lighting to be. You can opt for lower wattage wall washer lights to softly illuminate & accent a short wall or install a 72 Watt exterior wall wash lighting to provide facade lighting for your building. These lights are also fully compatible with advanced protocols such as DMX512, RDM & DALI.

Perfect for Wall Grazing 

Wall Grazing is a lighting technique where a luminaire is mounted less than 12 inches away from the wall to softly light up the wall. Similar to wall washing, wall grazing helps emphasise the texture of the wall while eliminating shadows. Based on the placement of the LED wall washer lights, they can be used for wall grazing as well. 

Interior & Exterior Wall Wash Lighting

Whether you are using LED wall wash lighting outdoor or indoor, it provides subtle accent lighting to a wall and enhances the area and mood of the space. Based on your wattage requirements and the size of your space, you can choose from Jaquar’s options of wall washer lights to light up the interiors or exteriors of your space. 

Energy Efficient & Durable

Jaquar’s led wall washer lights are highly energy-efficient and require minimum servicing. They perform better than most conventional lighting fixtures and provide more light per wattage of power. While the wall washer light price may seem higher at first glance, they are extremely durable for all weather and last you a long time. 

Premium Quality

When you shop with Jaquar, you are always assured of premium service and quality at every step of your purchasing process. Right from offering you the best wall washer light price, incredible customer service to installation assistance, Jaquar Lighting provides help every step of the way so you can have a seamless purchasing experience. 

You can opt for a virtual consultation with our team of experts to request the wall washer light price you are interested in. If you are interested in purchasing these wall mounted wall washers, contact us today!