लीनियर इनग्राउंड लाइट्स

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Building on the legacy of wall washers, Jaquar has launched the linear in-ground light series of luminaires. They can be ground recessed to completely conceal the luminaires and create a beautiful lighting illusion. A sealed and pressure tested glass cover protects the LED ground lights from both walkover impact and water damage. Offering highly customizable optics and colour temperatures, Jaquar aims to provide best in class solutions. 


1. Highly Durable 

Jaquar’s linear ground lights are protected with pressure tested glass and are meant to withstand impact and rainfall, making these buried ground lights some of the best options for ground lighting. 

2. Compatibility 

These outdoor ground lights are compatible with various digital lighting control protocols for flexibility in projects.

3. Energy Efficient 

These LED ground lights are highly energy efficient and help you save on your energy bills.


There are several outdoor and indoor applications for these versatile ground lights. Here are a few places you can install these inground lights: 

- These garden ground lights make excellent garden lighting ideas as they can withstand all climatic conditions while providing a beautiful beam of linear light

- Buried ground lights are also excellent for lighting up walkways and to increase safety in neighbourhoods, public places and parks

- Outdoor ground lights are also excellent to light up the facade of commercial buildings, residential spaces and office buildings. 

Get in touch with Jaquar lighting today to discuss the best inground lights for your space!