Overhead Shower

Overhead Shower 100mm dia Cylindrical Shape Multi FLow (Rain, Massage & Mist), Chrome Plated ABS Body with Gray Face Plate & Rubit Cleaning System
Product Code: OHS-CHR-1787
Product Range: Multi-function Showers

FLOW RATE (Litre Per Minute) Normal
0.5 BAR 1.0 BAR 2.0 BAR 3.0 BAR
5.91 8.81 13.07 16.35
FLOW RATE (Litre Per Minute) Massage
0.5 BAR 1.0 BAR 2.0 BAR 3.0 BAR
4.70 6.84 9.91 12.25
FLOW RATE (Litre Per Minute) Mist
0.5 BAR 1.0 BAR 2.0 BAR 3.0 BAR
4.37 6.31 9.43 12.00


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*The finishes depicted here are only indicative and may differ from that on the actual product.


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