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                                                               Purezone Micro Filtration
                                                               The top priority of an effective water treatment system is to remove waterborne contaminants. Conventional
                                                               filters only trap particles up to 50 microns in size.

                                                               A luxurious spa experience
                                                               Jaquar Spas have superior hydrotherapy performance and features that are seen in the world's most
                                                               expensive spas

                                                               Hydroflow jets
                                                               A Jaquar spa's hydroflow jets are designed to maximise jet pressure and provide a world-class hydrotherapy
                                                               experience. We choose from a multitude of directional, spinning and fixed jets to create a different massage
                                                               action in each seat. Some seats give a broad massage using wide sweep rotational jets, whilst others provide
                                                               a pinpoint, Shiatsu-style massage.

                                                               Ergonomic design
                                                               Jaquar spas are designed to maximise your comfort. Jets are positioned to massage tired muscles. The
                                                               controls are within easy reach. And relaxation comes automatically.

                                                               Easy to operate
                                                               Jaquar spa control systems are intuitive and easy to operate and offer maximum flexibility and control. The
                                                               top  side  panel controls  most functions with  one touch of a button.  More  advanced  controls can be
                                                               accessed through the simple English menu functions.
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