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World-class whirlpools. Proudly made by Jaquar in India.

                                                         Jaquar whirlpools are made in Jaquar’s own, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
                                                         Using the finest raw materials and components, including imported PMMA sheets and
                                                         high quality fittings, wiring and pumps. Jaquar creates products that will serve you for

                                                         years and years.
                                                         The  processes  used  too,  are  the  best-in-class:  from automated thermoforming to

                                                         vacuum suction to achieve the perfect contours. Robotic reinforcement of the tub
                                                         (with waste PMMA granules) for complete uniformity and efficiency. Precision drilling
                                                         of the drain hole and holes for air and water jets.

                                                         The finishing touch is the polishing of the tubs and whirlpools to a deep, gleaming
                                                         shine that makes it look worthy of being a world-class product from India’s trusted

                                                         bath fittings brand!

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