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                                Safety Vacuum Breaker:  This  is one  of the important  safety features   Easy  To  Use:  The  digital/manual  control  activates  all  the  hydromassage
                                installed in Jaquar whirlpools. In case of blockage in the suction point the   functions, to regulate Airpool intensity. All electronic parts can be installed
                                motor switches off automatically.                                        and removed on site, thus making after-sales what it should ideally be - a
                                                                                                         service !
                                No Bacteria Formation. Fresh Water Everytime: The water pipes connect
                                via V-shaped housings, creating a bow which ensures the complete drainage   Water jets:  The effectiveness of the hydromassage is enhanced by the
                                of water. Unpleasant odours and, even worse, bacteria are thus avoided.  exclusive performance of the Glass patented “JET CLEAN” nozzles. They
                                                                                                         have  orientable nozzles with partial closing system. The water flow can be
                                Environment Friendly: The pipes are made from special Food Grade PVC.    adjusted in intensity and direction to suit personal needs, in order to gently
                                These pipes have an anti bacterial coating on the inner side so that even if   massage delicate areas with capillary fragility and give a more energetic
                                some drops of water stay behind after the tub is drained, there won't be any   massage to areas that need more vascular stimulation

                                bacteria formation in the water droplets.
                                                                                                         Airpool jets: The airpool jets are made of plastic and provide a gentle and
                                3 Tier Test: Each and every Jaquar whirlpool goes through a functional test   delicate massage on your spine, which increases the sensation of warmth in
                                with hot water after which it is tested on a European test machine for earthing   the body and has benefical effects on the back.
                                resistance, insulation test and a high voltage test.
                                                                                                         When immersed in water, the body builds up a protective layer which
                                                                                                         insulates the body. The air bubbles open the insulation layer releasing
                                                                                                         oxygen, and stimulating blood circulation. It optimises the transfer of warmth
                                                                                                         and the feeling of wellbeing.
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