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                                The unbeatable product features are:                                      The PMMA Advantage
                                •  Brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic  •  Excellent design possibilities  The carrier layer consists of an easily thermo-formable and high impact ABS
                                •  Warm surface                        •  Easyglide® layer                and the top layer is in impact-modified acrylic (PMMA).
                                •  Antibac® hygienic surface           •  Low specific weight             In order to maintain the colour stability of the finished product after extended
                                •  Increased chemical resistance       •  Recyclable                      external use, the PMMA layer is homogeneously matched to the colour of the
                                •  High break strength                 •  Repairable                      carrier layer. Due to the reinforcement with 20mm of plywood at the bottom,
                                •  Long life in use                                                       the tub doesn’t develop cracks at the bottom when filled with hot water.

                                BATHTUB LAYERS

                                                                                                          Air Suction Valve
                                                     Special transparent acrylic top layer
                                                                                                          There is an additional pipeline in the water circuit which is connected to all
                                12 MM                  Special Polymer layer                              the water jets. This pipeline is connected to a pump with a heating coil which

                                                     Polyurethane layer                                   sucks atmospheric air, heats it and distributes it to each and every water jet
                                Special transparent acrylic top layer has a high chemical resistance to:   to boost the jet pressure.
                                cleaning agents, perfumed foams, household detergents, body care products
                                Special transparent  acrylic top layer prevents surface defects,

                                crazing/cracking, decoloration and color fading
                                Special polymer for better mechanical resistance to impact and temperature
                                Polyurethane  layer  is recyclable and uses ecological material with  high
                                insulation that retains the temperature for a longer period than FRP

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