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Page 110 - Wellness Catalogue
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A Sauna is a bathhouse or room, usually made of wood, which uses dry heat to

                                                          induce perspiration, with steam being produced by pouring water on heated
                                                          stones. Perspiration or sweating is one of the main ways our bodies get rid of the
                                                          traces of hundreds of toxins that accumulate inside us from pesticides, drugs and
                                                          manmade chemicals. 15 minutes in a Jaquar sauna can help us sweat as much as
                                                          we might otherwise do over an entire day or more. And the benefits of this are

                                                          many –  ranging from relieving common cold symptoms to aiding  in medical
                                                          conditions like chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and
                                                          even cardiovascular and skin conditions. Sauna sessions can also  improve

                                                          performance in endurance sport and help recuperation after childbirth.
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