Page 6 - Wellness Price Catalogue 2018
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Jaquar is India’s no. 1, and the largest-selling, bath fittings brand. Over the
                                  last 58 years, it has led the evolution of bathrooms in India from being small,
                                  purely functional places to luxurious, aspirational spaces. Today, Jaquar is an
                                  internationally recognised brand present in 40+ countries across Europe, the
                                  Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

                                  Jaquar delivers over 1.7 million bathrooms every year, and with the help of a
                                  770-strong  trained  team,  offers  comprehensive  maintenance services
                                  through a nationwide network.

                                  The most searched bath brand in India (Google Trend Search Jan ’12 –
                                  Jan  ’15), Jaquar  is  also  India’s most  trusted bath  brand, according to
                                  Jaquar Syndicated Research Neilsen’13, Percept’16 .
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