Page 5 - Jaquar Water Heaters Catalogue - 2018
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Why Jaquar Water Heaters

                Water heaters that give you more.

                To ensure that they are worthy of the trust that is placed by customers in every Jaquar
                product, a whole range of safety, longevity and energy efficiency features have been built
                in to these water heaters:

                1)  MORE SAFETY
                   • Double Safety Thermostat – dual overheating control mechanism cuts off power
                      automatically even if primary cut off fails
                   • Multi-function Safety Valve – discharges water and acts as a non-return valve if
                      pressure or temperature exceed preset limits

               Multi Function  Double Safety Earth Leakage
                Safety Valve  Thermostat  Circuit Breaker
                2)  MORE LIFE
                   • Superior Quality Glass-lined Inner Tank – prevents rust, corrosion and prolongs the life
                      of the inner tank
                   • Single/Dual Glass-coated Incoloy Heating Elements – made of high quality steel for
                      quicker heating and to prevent scale formation

                High Quality
                Glass Lined
               Heating Element

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