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i-Flush advantages

                                                • Can be installed in 4”  Brick Wall, no need to  construct a separate  ledge wall

                                                • It gets directly installed in  32 mm (1-1/4 inch) pipeline from overhead tank
                                                • Repeated flushing is possible  whereas concealed cisterns will  definitely take time
                                                  to fill up after flushing once
                                                • i-flush 32mm can work efficiently at even low pressure (minimum 0.8 bar dynamics)

                                                • Less noise in flushing
                                                • Dual flush-Saves water, a green product
                                                • Easy maintenance, control  stop valve can be closed with the  help of a T-type key
                                                  provided along with product

                                                • Access to control  cartridge by removing  front actuation plate  hence easy accessibility
                                                  for maintenance

                        in-built                 twin flow                              go green
                      control system   saves water  system    less noise  slim wall plate            cost effective

                                       FLV-1075C                                      Concealed Body of i Flush, 32mm
                                       Concealed Body of i Flush, 20mm                Rs. 3,300
                                       Rs. 3,100
                                       FLV-1075K                                      Exposed Part Kit of i Flush 32mm
                                       Exposed Part Kit of i Flush with Dual          with Dual Flush Push Button Actuation
                                       Flush Push Button Actuation & control          & control stop cock (Suitable for Item
                                       stop cock                                      FLV-1073C & FLV-1075C)
                                       Rs. 1,900                                      Rs. 2,150
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