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Page 78 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
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             FULL TURN

             Central Hole Basin Mixer without Popup                                        CON-123BKN
             Waste System with 450mm Long                                                  Swan Neck Tap with Left Hand
             Braided Hoses                                                                 Operating Knob with 450mm Long
                                                                                           Braided Hose
             Also available                                                                Also available
             CON-169KNB                                                                    CON-127BKN
             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Popup                                           Swan Neck Tap with Right Hand
             Waste System with 450mm Long  CON-011KN             CON-021KN                 Operating Knob with 450mm Long
             Braided Hoses             Pillar Cock               Pillar Cock Long Neck with Aerator  Braided Hose
             Rs. 2,625/3,325           Rs. 775                   Rs. 1,050                 Rs. 1,550/1,550
             Bath & Shower

                                       CON-217KN                 CON-267KN
             CON-219KN                 Wall Mixer with Telephone Shower  Wall Mixer with connector for  CON-271KN
             Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic Shower  Arrangement, Connecting Legs & Wall  Hand Shower Arrangement with  Bath Tub Mixer (Exposed Adjustable
             Arrangement with Connecting Legs &  Flanges but without Crutch & Telephone  Connecting Legs, Wall Flanges &   Legs) with Telephone Shower
             Wall Flanges              Shower                    Wall Bracket for Hand Shower  Arrangement & Crutch
             Rs. 2,750                 Rs. 3,150                 Rs. 3,550                 Rs. 3,950


             CON-273KNUPR              Wall Mixer 3-in-1 System with Provision
             Wall Mixer with Provision For Overhead  for both Hand Shower and Overhead  CON-421  CON-613KNB
             Shower with 115mm Long Bend Pipe  Shower Complete with 115mm Long  4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting  1-Hole Bidet Mixer with Popup Waste
             On Upper Side, Connecting Legs &  Bend Pipe, Connecting Legs & Wall  with Built-in Non-Return Valves with  System with 375mm Long Braided
             Wall Flanges              Flange (without Hand & Overhead Shower)  Divertor Handle  Hoses
             Rs. 3,550                 Rs. 3,850                 Rs. 2,350                 Rs. 3,200
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