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             QUARTER TURN

             Central Hole Basin Mixer without Popup
             Waste System with 450mm Long                                                  CQT-23123
             Braided Hoses Also available                                                  Swan Neck Tap with Left Hand
             CQT-23169B                                                                    Operating Knob Also available
             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Popup  CQT-23011B     CQT-23021B                CQT-23127
             Waste System with 450mm Long  Pillar Cock with 450mm Long Braided  Pillar Cock Long Neck with 450mm  Swan Neck Tap with Right Hand
             Braided Hoses             Hose                      Long Braided Hose         Operating Knob
             Rs. 2,300/3,000           Rs. 975                   Rs. 1,250                 Rs. 1,550/1,550
             Bath & Shower

                                       CQT-23217UPR              CQT-23267                 CQT-23273UPR
             CQT-23219                 Wall Mixer with Telephone Shower  Wall Mixer with connector for   Wall Mixer with Provision for overhead
             Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic Shower  Arrangement, Connecting Legs & Wall  Hand Shower Arrangement with  Shower with 115mm Long Bend Pipe
             Arrangement with Connecting Legs &  Flanges but without Crutch & Telephone  Connecting Legs, Wall Flanges &  on Upper Side, Connecting Legs &
             Wall Flanges              Shower                    Wall Bracket for Hand Shower  Wall Flanges
             Rs. 2,450                 Rs. 3,000                 Rs. 3,350                 Rs. 3,450


             Wall Mixer 3-in-1 System with Provision
             for both Hand Shower & Overhead  CQT-23421          CQT-23309                 CQT-23309B
             Shower Complete with 115mm Long
             Bend Pipe on Upper Side, Connecting  4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting  Sink Mixer with Swinging Spout (Wall  Sink Mixer with Swinging Spout (Table
             Legs & Flanges (without Hand &  with Built-in Non-Return Valves with  Mounted Model) with Connecting Legs  Mounted Model) with 450mm Long
             Overhead Shower)          Divertor Handle           & Wall Flanges            Braided Hoses
             Rs. 3,750                 Rs. 2,350                 Rs. 2,400                 Rs. 2,400
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