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             Wall Mixer 3-in-1 System with Provision             FLR-5427N
             for both Hand Shower and Overhead  FLR-5421N        Concealed 4-Way Divertor Set with Hot
             Shower Complete with 115mm Long  4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting  & Cold Concealed Stop Cock with  FLR-5431N
             Bend Pipe, Connecting Legs & Wall  with Built-in Non-Return Valves with  Built-in Non-Return Valves (Composite  Two Concealed Stop Cocks (Composite
             Flange (without Hand & Overhead Shower)   Divertor Handle  One Piece Body)    One Piece Body)
             Rs. 4,900                 Rs. 2,200                 Rs. 4,750                 Rs. 2,500


                                       FLR-5437N                 FLR-5095N                 FLR-5613NB
             FLR-5435N                 Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Bath  Bath Tub Filler Consisting of 2 Control  1-Hole Bidet Mixer with Popup Waste
             Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Bath  Spout Button Attachment (Composite  Cocks and one Spout, 20mm Cartridge  System with 375mm Long Braided
             Spout (Composite one piece body)     One Piece Body)  Size                    Hoses
             Rs. 3,600                 Rs. 3,900                 Rs. 4,200                 Rs. 3,650


             FLR-5309N                 FLR-5309ND                FLR-5319NB
             Sink Mixer with Regular Swinging Spout  Sink Mixer with Extended Swinging  Sink Mixer, 1-Hole with Swinging  FLR-5347N
             (Wall Mounted Model) With Connecting  Spout (Wall Mounted Model) with  Extended Spout (Table Mounted Model)  Sink Cock with Regular Swinging Spout
             Legs & Wall Flanges       Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges  with 450mm Long Braided Hoses  (Wall Mounted Model) With Wall Flange
             Rs. 3,050                 Rs. 3,275                 Rs. 2,925                 Rs. 1,500
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