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             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Regular
             Spout without Popup Waste System
             with 450mm Long Braided Hoses,  FLR-5191N
             20mm Cartridge Size       3-Hole Basin Mixer with Popup Waste
             Also available            System, 20mm Cartridge Size  FLR-5011N
             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Round  Also available  Pillar Cock
             Spout with Popup Waste System with  FLR-5189N       Also available            FLR-5015
             450mm Long Braided Hoses, 20mm  3 - Hole Basin Mixer without Popup  FLR-5021N  Pillar Cock With Lift Type Operating
             Cartridge Size            Waste System, 20mm Cartridge Size  Pillar Cock with 200 mm Extension Body  Knob & Base Flange
             Rs. 2,750/3,550           Rs. 4,500/3,750           Rs. 1,150/1,600           Rs. 1,400
                                                                 Bath & Shower

                                       Exposed Part Kit of Single Concealed
                                       Stop  Cock  Consisting  of  Operating   FLR-5215N   FLR-5219N
             FLR-5433N                 Lever, Cartridge Sleeve, Wall Flange   Exposed Wall Mixer With Provision Only  Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic Shower
             Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Basin  (with Seals) & Basin Spout (Compatible   for Overhead Shower & Hand Shower  Arrangement with Connecting Legs &
             Spout (Composite One Piece Body)  with ALD-441)     with Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges  Wall Flanges
             Rs. 2,950                 Rs. 1,025                 Rs. 3,350                 Rs. 3,350

             FLR-5217N                 FLR-5267N                                           FLR-5273UPR
             Wall Mixer with Telephone Shower  Wall Mixer with Connector for Hand  FLR-5271N  Wall Mixer with Provision For Overhead
             Arrangement, Connecting Legs & Wall  Shower arrangement with Connecting  Bath Tub Mixer (Exposed Adjustable  Shower with 115mm Long Bend Pipe
             Flanges but without Crutch & Telephone  Legs, Wall Flanges & Wall Bracket for  Legs) with Telephone Shower  On Upper Side, Connecting Legs &
             Shower                    Hand Shower               Arrangement & Crutch      Wall Flanges
             Rs. 3,800                 Rs. 4,200                 Rs. 4,600                 Rs. 4,400
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