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Created for the premium segment, the
                                                                                       Jaquar brand offers the Indian consumer
                                                                                       easy access to the finest choices in
                                                                                       bathing products. India’s most trusted
                                                                                       bath brand, Jaquar is an undisputed
                                                                                       market leader because of its quality that is
                                                                                       backed by unmatched customer service -
                                                                                       available nationwide, with a single number.
                                                                                       A global Superbrand, Jaquar’s wide range
                                                                                       of products combine beautifully designed
             A tribute to the fine traditions of                                       aesthetics with the highest build quality to
             exquisite craftsmanship and                                               ensure that they can withstand tough
             precision where design,                                                   Indian usage conditions. Customer
             technology and expertise                                                  confidence in the brand is further
             combine to deliver a                                                      strengthened with the 10year warranty
             masterpiece. Artize products                                              and industryleading customer care. A
             are crafted for luxurious bath                                            Complete Bathroom Solutions brand,
             spaces. Perfect harmony is the                                            Jaquar is a onewindow solution brand for
             very essence of Artize-together                                           anyone seeking to build a beautiful
             as coordinates or even as                                                 bathroom.
             individual pieces. Artize’s
             exquisite craftsmanship is so
             stunning that it can inspire the
             design principles of not just
             your bath spaces but of your
             entire Iiving spaces.

             The oldest brand from India’s most trusted corporate in the      Jaquar Lighting gives you complete lighting
             bathware segment, Essco has been in existence for 5 decades.       solutions - for residential, commercial and
             A value brand that added a whole new chapter in the country’s    outdoor use. Our extensive range lets you
             bath fittings industry by ushering in the era of the organised bath   choose for varied budgets without
             market, Essco has been supporting affordable and sustainable     compromising on quality and reliability. They
             housing in India. Its range of quality products are not only priced   are designed to complement and coordinate
             reasonably, but also offer a 10-year warranty and excellent      the most exclusive interior and exterior
             customer service.                                                lifestyles and decors, from classic to
             Essco has been standing tall in the Indian bath fittings industry   contemporary. The house of Jaquar has the
                                                                              legacy of excellence that has been
             since 1960 by delivering great performance at a low cost. And
             enabling Indian consumers to live a better quality of life through   manifested time and again through its brand
             good sanitation and affordable housing.                          of bath fittings; Jaquar Lighting is no
                                                                              exception. Every lighting product reflects
                                                                              Jaquar's impeccable record of superlative
                                                                              quality and painstaking attention to detail.
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