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             QUARTER TURN

             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Regular
             Spout without Popup Waste System
             with 450mm Long Braided Hoses
             Also available
             Central Hole Basin Mixer with Regular  QQT-7189     QQT-7191
             Spout with Popup Waste System with  3-Hole Basin Mixer without Popup  3-Hole Basin Mixer with Popup Waste  QQT-7011
             450mm Long Braided Hoses  Waste System              System                    Pillar Cock
             Rs. 3,850/4,550           Rs. 4,150                 Rs. 4,850                 Rs. 1,550
             Bath & Shower

             QQT-7209                  QQT-7215                  QQT-7219                  Wall Mixer with Telephone Shower
             Shower Mixer for Shower Cubicles  Exposed Wall Mixer with Provision Only  Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic Shower  Arrangement,Connecting Legs & Wall
             (Wall Mounted) with Connecting Legs  for Overhead Shower & Hand Shower  Arrangement with Connecting Legs &  Flanges but without Crutch & Telephone
             & Flanges                 with Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges  Wall Flanges   Shower
             Rs. 3,200                 Rs. 3,400                 Rs. 3,900                 Rs. 4,400

             QQT-7267                  QQT-7271                                            QQT-7273UPR
             Wall Mixer with Connector for  Bath Tub Mixer (Exposed Straight Legs)  QQT-7271HL  Wall Mixer with Provision For Overhead
             Hand Shower arrangement with  with Telephone Shower Arrangement  Bath and Shower Mixer with Telephonic  Shower with 115mm Long Bend Pipe
             Connecting Legs, Wall Flanges &  & Crutch (without Hand Shower &   Shower Crutch and 950mm High Rise  On Upper Side, Connecting Legs &
             Wall Bracket for Hand Shower  Shower Hose)          Legs (without Shower & Shower Hose)  Wall Flanges
             Rs. 4,800                 Rs. 5,200                 Rs. 12,500                Rs. 5,000
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