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                                                                 SOL-6437                  SOL-6613B
             SOL-6431                  SOL-6435                  Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Bath  1 - Hole Bidet Mixer with Popup Waste
             Two Concealed Stop Cocks (Composite  Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Bath  Spout Button Attachment (Composite  System with 375mm Long Braided
             One Piece Body)           Spout (Composite One Piece Body)  One Piece Body)   Hoses
             Rs. 2,750                 Rs. 3,850                 Rs. 4,150                 Rs. 4,100


             SOL-6309                  SOL-6319B
             Sink Mixer with Swinging Casted Spout  Sink Mixer with Swinging Spout (Table  SOL-6347  SOL-6357
             (Wall Mounted Model) with Connecting  Mounted Model) with 450mm Long  Sink Cock with Swinging Spout (Wall  Sink Cock with Regular Swinging Spout
             Legs & Wall Flanges       Braided Hoses             Mounted Model) With Wall Flange  (Table Mounted Model)
             Rs. 3,350                 Rs. 2,850                 Rs. 1,600                 Rs. 1,750


             SOL-6359                  SOL-6037                  SOL-6047
             Sink Cock (Table Mounted) with Angular  Bib Cock (Angular Shape) With Wall  Bib Cock (Straight Line Model) With  SOL-6041
             Knob                      Flange                    Wall Flange               2 Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange
             Rs. 1,875                 Rs. 1,250                 Rs. 1,250                 Rs. 1,600
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