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QUARTER TURN                                                                  Bath & Shower

             FUS-29001                                           FUS-29441K                FUS-29267
             Pillar Cock                                         Exposed Part Kit of Single Concealed  Wall Mixer with connector for
             Also available            FUS-29433                 Stop Cock Consisting of Operating Lever,   Hand Shower Arrangement with
             FUS-29021                 Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Basin  Cartridge Sleeve, Wall Flange (with Seals)  Connecting Legs, Wall Flanges &
             Pillar Cock with 200mm Extension Body  Spout (Composite One Piece Body)  & Basin Spout (Compatible with ALD-441)   Wall Bracket for Hand Shower
             Rs. 1,350/1,900           Rs. 3,250                 Rs. 1,125                 Rs. 4,400

                                       Wall Mixer 3-in-1 System with Provision
             FUS-29273UPR              for both Hand Shower and Overhead                   FUS-29427
             Wall Mixer with Provision For Overhead  Shower Complete with 115mm Long  FUS-29421  Concealed 4-Way Divertor Set with Hot
             Shower with 115mm Long Bend Pipe  Bend Pipe, Connecting Legs & Wall  4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting  & Cold Concealed Stop Cock with
             On Upper Side, Connecting Legs &  Flange (without Hand & Overhead  with Built-in Non-Return Valves with  Built-in Non-Return Valves (Composite
             Wall Flanges              Shower)                   Divertor Handle           One Piece Body)
             Rs. 4,600                 Rs. 5,100                 Rs. 2,350                 Rs. 4,950


                                                                                           Exposed Part Kit of Concealed Stop
                                                                                           Cock & Flush Cock with Fitting Sleeve,
                                                                                           Operating Lever & Adjustable Wall
             FUS-29037                 FUS-29041                 FUS-29053                 Flange with Seal (compatible with
             Bib Cock with Wall Flange  2-way Bib Cock with Wall Flange  Angular Stop Cock with Wall Flange  ALD-083, ALD-089 & ALD-081)
             Rs. 1,300                 Rs. 1,750                 Rs. 1,000                 Rs. 500
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