Page 267 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
P. 267

Jaquar’s floor standing frames with concealed cisterns not only provide
            the benefits of easy, quick and perfect installation but also allow you to
            choose contemporary wall mounted sanitaryware of your choice for the

                                                                        Floor Standing Frame
                                                                          Flush Plate Area


                                                                          Rag Bolt Holes
                                                                             Inlet Pipe

                                                                               HDPE Pipe Outlet

                                                                         Adjustable Legs


            Easy Installation                                     Perfect Easy Alignment
            Easy and hassle free installation as no chiselling of wall is required  Fixed inlet and outlet distance (135 mm from centre to centre) means
                                                                  perfect installation of WC, and pre-defined space for cistern results in
            Load Bearing Capacity                                 perfect flushing every time
            Wall hung WC can be bolted simply and securely to the frame, which
            can take a load of up to 400 kg.                      Adjustable Height
                                                                  Adjustable legs (0-200 mm) to allow for variation in heights of WC, as
            Wide Compatibility of WC                              required
            Accommodates different types of wall hung WCs as holes are provided
            at different heights

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