Page 266 - Customer Guide Volume 15A






Page 266 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
P. 266

Flushing Systems

            In order to bring you the latest and the most advanced bath products,
            Jaquar, a complete bathroom solutions provider presents a design
            revolution–the superbly designed high quality flush plates.

            Besides modern designs that offer a sleek look to bath spaces and
            outstanding features like water-saving, easy access maintenance and
            anti-condensation, Jaquar Concealed Cisterns ensure that your
            bathrooms look spacious, clean and hygienic at all times.


            Saves Water: Impressive Dual Flush with a provision of 3/6 ltr flush (Can
            be adjusted to 2/4 ltrs)
            Less Noise: Technically advanced, silent flush valve and fast-filling
            hydraulic float valve minimises the flushing sound during usage
            Perfect Pan Cleaning: Heavy and even water discharge during every
            flush at every water pressure
            No Damage from Condensation: Has anti-condensation lining
            wrapping the tank and supply bend to protect damage from masonry
            Easy to install and maintain

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