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             KUP-35079KPM              KUP-35193KPM
             Single Lever Exposed Parts Kit of Hi-flow  Single Lever 3-inlet Divertor Exposed parts  KUP-35213BPM
             Divertor Consisting of Operating Lever,  kit Consisting of Operating Lever,  Single Lever 1-Hole Bidet Mixer with
             Wall Flange (with Seals) & Button Only  Wall Flange & Button Only (Suitable For  Popup Waste System with 375mm Long
             (Suitable For Item ALD-079)  Item ALD-193)          Braided Hoses
             Rs. 3,500                 Rs. 3,500                 Rs. 6,100

             QUARTER TURN

                                                                                           Exposed Part Kit of Single Concealed
                                                                 KUP-35433PM               Stop Cock Consisting of Operating Lever,
             KUP-35001PM               KUP-35021PM               Two Concealed Stop Cocks with  Cartridge Sleeve, Wall Flange (with Seals)
             Pillar Cock               Pillar Cock with 190mm Extension Body  Basin Spout (Composite One Piece Body)  & Basin Spout (Compatible with ALD-441)
             Rs. 1,750                 Rs. 2,550                 Rs. 4,200                 Rs. 1,700

                                                                                           Exposed Part Kit of Concealed
                                                                                           Stop Cock & Flush Cock with Fitting
                                                                                           Sleeve, Operating Lever & Adjustable
             KUP-35037PM               KUP-35041PM               KUP-35053PM               Wall Flange with Seal (compatible with
             Bib Cock with Wall Flange  2 Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange  Angular Stop Cock with Wall Flange  ALD-083, ALD-089 & ALD-081)
             Rs. 1,600                 Rs. 1,850                 Rs. 1,350                 Rs. 800
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