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Page 238 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
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Steam Solutions

            For those seeking wellness in the comfort of their homes, a Jaquar
            Steam Cabin is a great way to enjoy the benefits of humidifying water
            vapour from a high-quality steam generator.


            •   Clearer skin: Steam showers have the ability to unclog pores and   •   Stress relief: One of the most powerful benefits of steam showers
               remove deeply trapped congestion from under the surface of the   is their ability to reduce both physical and mental stress
                                                                  •   Metabolism and weight loss: Hot steam increases blood flow by
            •  Infection treatment: A major benefit of regular steam showers is   stimulating the lymphatic system which, in turn, helps to speed up
               relief from respiratory infections                    the metabolism
            •   Increased circulation: Steam showers are an excellent way to
               naturally boost circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation
               brings more oxygen to cells and decreases the risk of hypertension,
               hardened arteries and muscle function


            Absolute Quality of Materials                         any norms is part of the product values that any demanding customer
            Jaquar Hydromassage showers are made of co-extruded acrylic, which   can expect from a leading product. For example, the shower tray surface
            does not discolour and has a long life. This hygienic material, together   is ribbed, providing for an excellent anti-slip feature. The steam generator
            with the smooth surfaces and tempered glass shower enclosures,   will turn itself off automatically after the preset timeout, avoiding wasting
            makes cleaning an easy part of the product experience.  energy and the risk of overdoing a steam bath.
            Stability and Mechanical Resistance                   Digital Control
            Jaquar shower boxes are characterised by stability and solidity thanks to   It allows you to manage all manual control functions including sequential
            the zinc-plated steel frame that ensures maximum rigidity of all the   back rain jets, back jets, waterfall cervical massage, duration of vertical
            components. Stability and mechanical resistance are also the attributes   hydromassage, steam bath function, light, radio and white LED lighting
            of the shower tray reinforcement.
                                                                  Control Units
            Easy Installation                                     All the hydromassage shower functions can be simply adjusted through
            The installation of the shower boxes is as easy as it can be: the metal   easy-to-use control units.
            frame carries the elements and is simply put together.
                                                                  Manual Control
            Safety                                                It allows you to manage showerhead and vertical jets as well as activate
            The range of hydromassage showers meets all the relevant safety   the steam-bath function.
            standards which are currently in effect. Extra safety that goes beyond

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