Page 225 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
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                             Ergonomic design
                             Jaquar Spas are designed to maximise your comfort. Jets
                             are positioned to massage tired muscles. The controls are
                             within easy reach. And relaxation comes automatically.

                             Easy to operate
                             Jaquar Spa control systems are intuitive and easy to operate
                             and offer maximum flexibility and control. The top side panel
                             controls most functions with one touch of a button. More
                             advanced controls can be accessed through the simple
                             English menu functions.

                             Two lounger seats
                             To avoid arguments over who gets the spa's lounger (usually
                             the most comfortable and most coveted seat in the spa),
                             most Jaquar Spas have two luxurious hydrotherapy

                             Individual pressure control
                             To ensure complete satisfaction for all, each seat in your
                             Jaquar Spa can be controlled with the seat's pressure
                             control dial. In addition, most jets can be individually
                             controlled, directing pressure to where you need it most.

                             Dynamic lighting options
                             Flood lighting, jet lights, backlit drink holders and water
                             features, waterline illumination and access lighting can all be
                             added to your Jaquar Spa to enhance your experience.
                             Lighting programs can be controlled using the spa's topside

                             Neck therapy collar
                             Optional on most Jaquar models, the neck therapy collar
                             incorporates jets specially designed to eliminate stress and
                             tension carried in the neck and shoulder area. Opt for the
                             neck therapy collar to soothe away the stresses of your day.

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