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            Technologies that save energy and money
            To let you enjoy using them without worrying about the power bill, Jaquar
            Spas come with a whole range of energy efficient technologies.

                             Cabinet Insulation                     Spas not only retain heat from the pumps and
                             Jaquar Spas have insulation in the perimeter of   equipment, but also insulate the plumbing that
                             their cabinets to maintain the warmth of the water,   otherwise would lose heat to the environment. This
                             and the spa's plumbing and equipment, further   results in less overall heat loss and lower running
                             reducing your energy costs. The insulation system   costs. What's more, the insulation reduces the
                             has two features that make it superior to the   noise of the spa pumps so you will also enjoy a
                             traditional 'foam on shell' spa insulation system. By   quieter, more tranquil spa experience.
                             insulating the cabinet instead of the shell, Jaquar

                             Intelligent Thermal Regulation         environment, day to day and season to season, to
                             Allows the spa to tune itself to its environment,   reduce 'on demand' heating. The control system of
                             day-to-day and season-to-season, thus reducing   a Jaquar Spa actually 'learns' how your spa is
                             your heating costs by up to 20%. Thermal   used. By reducing the temperature drop required
                             performance and heat retention is what   before the heater switches on, it provides more

                             distinguishes one spa from another. Jaquar's   consistent spa water temperatures and lowers
                             control system adapts and tunes itself to the   daily operating costs.
                             thermal properties of your spa pool, in its

                             Smart meter ready                      Save software, Jaquar Spas can be designed to do
                             Even if your electricity provider does not currently   the filtering and heating when power costs are at
                             offer smart meters, they soon will. A smart meter   their lowest. Best of all, the control is in your
                             allows your electricity supplier to charge higher   hands. You can tailor the operation of your Jaquar
                             prices in periods of high demand, but rewards   Spa to take advantage of smart meter technology
                             consumers who shift their consumption to low   and reduce your running costs.
                             demand periods such as overnight. Using Power

                             Purezone Micro Filtration              A luxurious spa experience
                             The top priority of an effective water treatment   Jaquar Spas have superior hydrotherapy
                             system is to remove waterborne contaminants.   performance and features that are seen in the
                             Conventional filters only trap particles up to 50   world's most expensive spas.
                             microns in size.

                             Hydroflow jets                         create a different massage action in each seat.
                             A Jaquar Spa's hydroflow jets are designed to   Some seats give a broad massage using wide
                             maximise jet pressure and provide a world-class   sweep rotational jets, whilst others provide a
                             hydrotherapy experience. We choose from a   pinpoint, Shiatsu-style massage.
                             multitude of directional, spinning and fixed jets to
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