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            Spas are a wonderful way to relax and restore equilibrium. Jaquar’s  Spa   can enjoy a complete and satisfying massage that stimulates and relaxes
            models are technological marvels comprising of various seats and a   all parts of the body. Cushioned headrests, ergonomic seats and a host
            common footrest in the centre. Each seat is strategically fitted with   of high performance features make this the ultimate home spa
            different types of massage jets in various positions, oriented to massage   experience.
            different parts of the body. By moving from one seat to the other, one


            •   More economy: An array of energy efficient technologies make our  •   Guaranteed to last longer: Every Jaquar Spa is hand crafted using
               spas more economical to run and easier to enjoy more often without   industry leading techniques and materials, which is why we can
               worrying about power consumption.                     guarantee the spa shell for 10 years.

            •   Cleaner, healthier water: Unlike swimming pools, Jaquar Spas   •   Easier to maintain: Jaquar Spas give you the ultimate in easy care
               don't use harsh chemicals that can be harmful for the skin. Our spas   spa ownership without needing to spend much time on
               feature advanced water treatment technologies to ensure the   maintenance, or have a degree in chemistry to enjoy crystal clear
               cleanest, clearest water.                             water.
            •   A superior experience: Jaquar Spas have superior hydrotherapy
               performance and features that are usually reserved for the world's
               most expensive spas.

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