Page 197 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
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            The unbeatable product features are:

             •   Brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic            •   Excellent design possibilities
             •   Warm surface                                     •   Easyglide  layer
             •   Antibac® hygienic surface                        •   Low specific weight
             •   Increased chemical resistance                    •   Recyclable
             •   High break strength                              •   Repairable
             •   Long life in use

            BATHTUB LAYERS

                                  Special transparent acrylic top layer
             12 MM                  Special Polymer layer

                                  Polyurethane layer

            Special transparent acrylic top layer has a high chemical resistance to :
            cleaning agents, perfumed foams, household
            detergents, body care products
            Special transparent acrylic top layer prevents surface defects,
            crazing/cracking, decoloration and color fading
            Special polymer for better mechanical resistance to impact and
            Polyurethane layer is recyclable and uses ecological material with high
            insulation that retains the temperature for a longer
            period than FRP

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