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            Jaquar sanitaryware provides you with a wide range of designs and   coupled and wall mounted options, fit into your coordinated design and
            features to enhance your bathroom décor perfectly. Our wide range of   installation parameters perfectly. Their user-friendly, as well as two
            wash basins, offering Wall Hung, Over Counter, Under Counter and   push-button activated dual-flush, technology provides you the choice of
            Counter-top installation are well coordinated with Jaquar’s exquisite   using 3 ltr or 6 ltr flush options.
            range of faucets. What’s more, our water closets with single piece,

                         Anti-Germ Glazing                                           Easy Installation
                         Anti-Bacterial Glaze is an additional Fluoro-Polymer in glaze. It is   •  Flatness of parts getting fixed to the wall
                         applied on Jaquar WCs and Wash Basins through a special process   •  No gaps between the wall, floor and the
                         and provides the following benefits:                           fitting portions of the sanitaryware
                         •   It forms a strong hydrophobic shield which prevents the build-up   •  Perfect fitting for a perfect look
                            of bacteria and germs                                    •  Enlongated rag bolts holes are elliptical in
                         •  Ideal for India’s humid weather conditions                  shape, hence it is easy to install
                         •  Renders the surface durable and highly repellent to dirt, oils
                            and liquids
                         •  Facilitates easy removal of hard water deposits

                         Clean and Odour-free WCs
                         The interior portion of the traps of water closets are glazed
                         •  Ensures the trap does not collect dirt or give out odour  10 Years Warranty
                         •  Prevents dirt from sticking inside the trap
                         •  Facilitates easy flushing and waste removal
                         •  Ensures clean and odour-free bathroom

                          Soft Closing Detachable UF Seat Cover                      After Sales Service
                          •  Load bearing capacity of over 150 kg (seat cover and bushes)   Large service network for complete peace of
                          •  Shape and texture of the seats unaffected by temperature   mind. Jaquar also offers preventive
                            variations                                               maintenance services for hassle free
                          •  Does not absorb room temperature therefore the seats are   bathrooms.
                            neither too hot nor too cold to touch
                          •  Surface is resistant to stains and strong dyes
                          •  Does not deform or peel-off with use                    Uniform Standard
                          •  Special buffer oil is used in the hinges for lasting functionality  Uniform grades of product available for retail
                          •  Soft-close action to eliminate noise of falling of the cover. This   and project. No differentiation in terms of
                            is guaranteed for 5 years                                product quality, design and colour.
                          •  Adjustable speed of falling of the cover within a range of 1 to
                            15 seconds that leads to silent operations
                         Stringent quality parameters:                               Rimless WC.
                         •   Load Bearing Test 400 kgs for WC & 100 kgs for WB       Innovative, hygienic design that makes
                         •  Autoclave Test for Craze Resistance                      flushing efficient and cleaning effortless.
                         •  Chemical Resistance Test to negate the possibility of stains
                         •  Spectro Photometer Test for colour stability
                         •  Flushing Tests: (a) 100 Ball Test (b) Ink Test  Rimless
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